20 Things You Need for a Home Insurance Quote

Lucy Lazarony June 12, 2020

Getting ready to buy a house is an exciting time. You are finally putting down roots. You are becoming a homeowner and will have a home, maybe a piece of property too, all in your name.

And now you need homeowners insurance. Shopping for homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be a chore but it is best to be prepared.

Here are 20 things you need for a home insurance quote.

1. Identifying information

The home insurance agent is going to ask for your name, birthdate, Social Security number, marital status and the address of the house you want to insure. Insurance companies will use your Social Security number to run a credit check on you. If you have good credit, you’ll pay a lower rate on your home insurance. If you have blemished or damaged credit, you’ll pay more for insurance.

2. Your Coverages and Insurance Limits

The coverages and limits that you choose for a policy will help determine how much you pay in homeowners insurance. So choose your coverage carefully. You will need to have this information ready when an insurance agent asks for it.

3. Home Renovations and Repairs

Don’t be surprised if an agent asks about your home’s renovations and repairs. Have you or the previous homeowner done major renovations on your home? If you are not sure about past renovations and work on your home, an agent may be able to get this information by getting the local building permits for your home.

4. Your Home’s Current Condition

What kind of shape is your home in? How old is the plumbing? What about the furnace or water heater? How new are your kitchen appliances? Do you have a fireplace? When were the bathrooms last done? All these questions help agents assess the value of your home that they are looking to insure. They are asking these questions to determine your home’s current condition and just how much it will cost to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged by an event covered in your home insurance policy such as a rainstorm.

5. The Age of Your Home

You will be asked the age of your home. In general, older homes cost more to insure. So if you have your eye on a newer or brand-new home you’ll pay a little less in homeowners insurance.

6. The Size of Your House

What is the square footage of your house? The larger your home the more you will pay for insurance. A small one bedroom condo will be less to insure than a two-story house with a yard. So have your home’s dimensions ready when you talk to an insurance agent.

7. Security Features

Be prepared to talk about your home’s safety features. Alarm systems and smoke detectors make your home safer and these safety features help to lower your home insurance quote. So consider adding these safety features to your home if you don’t have them already. If you do, your home insurance rate will dip lower.

8. Your Claims history

If you have filed claims on your homeowners insurance in the past, you will pay more on your homeowners policy and increase your current insurance quote. Homeowners without claims will pay less for their insurance than homeowners who have made claims in the past.

9. Type of Materials in Your Home

Is your home made of brick or stone? If it is, your home will be cheaper to insure than a home made of wood, which could more easily catch fire. Be ready with this information for an insurance agent.

10.Your Belongings

Do you have valuables in your home such as jewelry or even expensive electronics? If you do, you may need additional coverage for your home and this will increase your homeowners insurance quote.

11. How Long You’ve Lived in Your Home

Just moved into your home or have you been there for a decade? An insurance agent wants to know. 12. Household Information

An insurance agent will ask how many people are living in the house. Another household question is do you have pets such as dogs and cats? Answer all these questions honestly.

13. A Home Business

Work from home in your home business? An insurance agent will ask you about this and your stay-at-home career.

14. Current Coverage Details

An insurance agent will ask for information about your current homeowners policy. What is the name of the company and what are your dates of coverage?

15. When Do You Want to Start Coverage?

This one is easy. When would you like your insurance coverage to start? Let the agent know about your planned start date for your home insurance coverage.

16. Style of House

Is your home one or two stories? Is your home a particular style such as colonial? How many bedrooms and how many bathrooms? Give the insurance agents all the details you can.

17. Age of Roof

How old is your home’s roof? And what is the roof made of? Is it metal or slate or shingles? An insurance agent wants to know.

18. Detached Structure(s)

Is there a detached structure such as a tool shed or a sauna in your backyard? Let the insurance agent know about any additional structures in your yard.

19. Do You Have a Mortgage?

Is there an outstanding mortgage on the home? You will need to let an insurance agent know that you are currently financing your home.

20. Proximity to Fire Station

If you live close to a fire station you will pay less on your insurance than someone who lives far away from one. So check your neighborhood for fire stations. And let an insurance agent know how close you live to one.

Now that you are prepared to get a home insurance quote, you are ready for the next step.

Shopping around to multiple home insurance companies. It is the best way to get a good deal on homeowners insurance.

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