Rivian Insurance: Does It Cost More Than Other EVs?

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Rivian Insurance costs $2,758 per year on average, which is relatively close to what it costs to insure similar electric vehicles.[1][2]  This average cost reflects policies underwritten by Nationwide — one of two carriers that underwrites Rivian Insurance, with Cincinnati Insurance being the other one.

While Rivian vehicles can be insured by any car insurance company, the Driver+ program which offers safety features and discounts, is only offered through Rivian Insurance. Initially, Rivian may cost more than other car insurers, but may come out cheaper after discounts based on positive driving habits kick in.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rivian Insurance generally costs around $230 per month on average but the actual cost will depend on the Rivian model you buy, your driving history, driving behaviors and more.
  • Currently, Nationwide and Cincinnati Insurance underwrite Rivian car insurance policies in 48 states and there are Rivian service centers in 24 states, with the option of having repairs done at your location.
  • Remote diagnostics and mobile repairs are available using the Rivian Cloud, which can also track your behavior for a discount with Rivian Insurance.
  • While there are perks of insuring your Rivian vehicle through Rivian, you can choose to buy coverage from another car insurance company.

Does Rivian Have Its Own Insurance?

Rivian, the car manufacturer, offers its drivers Rivian car insurance, which is underwritten by Nationwide and Cincinnati Insurance depending on where you live.[3] Rivian offers car insurance as a user-based driving program as well as standard auto insurance. This means your rates are partially determined by data that tracks how safely you drive.

How Does Rivian Insurance Work?

Rivian offers a driving assistance program called Driver+ that is user-based and tracks driving habits with built-in technology, much like telematics. The more a driver uses the Driver+ features on the driving assistance software, the higher the discount that can be applied to the car insurance policy, unless they exhibit risky driving behavior like speeding and harsh braking. Even if a driver’s rate starts out as expensive, they may see it drop over time if they exhibit safe driving behaviors.

Using Driver+, the automatic features listed below can be activated according to the driver’s choosing:[4]

  • Automatic steering
  • Lane change
  • Speed change
  • Cruise control
  • Collision mitigation

Rivian car insurance covers both Rivian vehicles and associated accessories, like stove and tents, which come with some models.

Rivian Insurance Services: Filing Claims With Rivian Insurance

A Rivian Insurance policyholder would file a claim with either Nationwide or Cincinnati Insurance, whichever one underwrites their vehicle’s insurance policy. 

However, they can speak with a Rivian customer service representative on the telephone about coverages and to ask general questions. Also, they can email insurancesupport@rivian.com.

Rivian Insurance Customer Service Ranking

As for the quality of Rivian customer service, Cincinnati seems to favor better in terms of customer service complaints about service and claims. See below:




NAIC Complaint Index



Does Rivian Use Telematics?

Rivian uses a proprietary built-in technology, much like telematics, so the vehicle and the service department are connected to the Rivian Cloud, which can also track driving behavior and mileage. Rivian can even diagnose mechanical problems with the car remotely, using this technology.

What Types of Coverage Does Rivian Insurance Provide?

An auto insurance policy purchased through Rivian will meet the minimum insurance requirements in your state. This will include liability coverage and if your state requires it, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, personal injury protection and medical payments coverage. Your lender will also require you to maintain full coverage on your car, which insures your car against physical damages, until you pay off your car loan.

If you’re interested, the below insurance products are also sold by Rivian Insurance (but again, the policy itself will be underwritten by Rivian's insurance partners):

  • Off-roading
  • ATV Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Boat & Watercraft Insurance
  • Auto Insurance (even for non-Rivian vehicles)
  • Off-road Bikes

What Programs Are Included With Rivian Insurance?

When you purchase a Rivian you gain access to certain programs that include remote diagnostics, car loaners while your Rivian is undergoing repairs and more.

What Is Rivian Remote Care?

Because your car, the app and the service team are all connected in Rivian Cloud, the service team is able to diagnose problems with the car without you having to leave home. Rivian vehicles are equipped with sensors and predictive algorithms to help remote technicians diagnose issues.

Once a problem has been detected, you can submit a ticket for repair at any time of the day or night. After reviewing the ticket and diagnostics, you will be put in touch with a customer service representative to schedule a technician to come out or for you to drop off your car. If you need roadside assistance, they will be dispatched immediately.

Rivian Mobile Repair and Replacement Services

When your car needs a repair, you can place a ticket with the Mobile Service Appointment setter. You’ll be given the option of dropping off the car for repair at a service location or having a technician come out to you, depending on the repair.

Automatic Remote System Updates

You’ll get software updates regularly to keep the app and your vehicle up to date with the latest features, including entertainment and battery management and general improvements to vehicle performance.

These updates happen with either Wi-Fi connection or cellular service, just as long as you’re connected to the Rivian Cloud. Keep in mind that your vehicle needs to be in park during a system update, so plan accordingly.

You will receive notifications via the Rivian app or notifications when you’re in the vehicle about updates. You can either update the car immediately or schedule it for a better time.

Rivian Vehicle Loaner Program

Rivian also offers a loaner program, in which Rivian will loan you a vehicle for one business day for free while your car is undergoing service or repairs.[7] That said, based on comments from Rivian owners on the Rivian Forum and Reddit threads, getting a loaner is not easy and car owners are often offered Uber credits or enterprise rental cars. At least they offer loaners or pay the cost of the inconvenience of not having loaners readily available at all times.

Is Rivian Insurance Available in Every State?

Rivian Insurance is available in most states, 48 to be exact. They also have service centers in 24 states. Rivian EV insurance is underwritten by Nationwide or Cincinnati Insurance, whichever services your state.[8][9]

How Much Does Rivian Insurance Cost?

On average, Rivian car insurance costs $2,758 a year on average — a 39% increase from the national average cost for full coverage.[1][10] Rivian trucks and SUVs cost more to buy than most vehicles, on average, and the same will be reflected in the insurance rate because Rivians can be expensive to repair and replace.

Much of the coverage cost depends on which vehicle model is being insured, the RIT, RIS or R2, as well as other factors like your age, insurance history, driving record, credit history and gender (in states where this is allowed) and location. For example, Rivian drivers in California reported six-month premiums ranging from $1,800 to $2,239 — if you double this to reflect a 12-month premium, the cost can potentially sit at double the national average mentioned earlier.[11]

Fortunately, Rivian offers ways to save on your car insurance. 

For example, you are incentivized with a discount on your premium if you use the Rivian’s built-in safety features. If you regularly engage the Highway Assist feature in your Rivian, you can save up to 15%on your premium at renewal.[12]

In addition, you may see your rate lower if Nationwide underwrites your Rivian Insurance policy. Nationwide offers a 20% discount if you bundle your Rivian coverage with homeowners insurance.[13]

Can I Cover My Other Vehicles With Rivian Insurance?

Rivian offers insurance for cars from other manufacturers and other forms of transportation including RVs, snowmobiles, boats, watercraft.[13] They offer user-based car insurance using built-in telematics as well as traditional auto insurance.

How Do I Get a Quote for Rivian Insurance?

Depending on where you live, you’ll either get a quote from Nationwide or Cincinnati Insurance for Rivian Insurance, which uses telematics tracking to structure your rates after you demonstrate how you drive and how much you drive. You can also compare rates with other carriers but they will not be able to offer telematics services and safety features (and discounts) that Rivian offers its policyholders.

While Rivian Insurance can be tempting to buy thanks to its Driver+ program, you should still shop around to ensure you’re getting the best price. We recommend getting at least three to five insurance quotes but remember that you’ll need to provide information about your background, vehicle and driving history each time.

Alternatively, you can let SmartFinancial do the shopping for you. Just complete a quick questionnaire about your budget and coverage and receive your free auto insurance quote today.

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Is Rivian Insurance cheaper than Tesla insurance?

Rivian Insurance ($2,758 per year) is very similar in cost to Tesla Insurance ($2,574) based on sample quotes found on the Internet.[1][14] However, actual rates will vary based on multiple factors such as your driving profile, insurance history, location and more.

Why are EVs so expensive to insure?

Electric car insurance costs are generally higher than rates for traditional gas-powered cars because electric cars generally cost more to repair and replace.

Does Rivian Insurance cost more than a standard car insurance policy?

Because each insurance company rates each driver differently, it’s hard to say what is most cost effective until you compare all your options. For example, while it may be possible to save 15% on your premium when you renew your Rivian Insurance policy, it may still be cheaper overall to get insured by another carrier entirely.[12]


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