Mexico Car Insurance: Are You Covered?

Every year, United States travelers venture into Mexico for some rest, relaxation, sun and culture.

Some travel to the seaside city of Tulum to explore the Mayan ruins, while Cancun is the favorite hot spot for college spring breakers. Kayakers sail the pristine waters outside of Cozumel, and other tourists love exploring the historical and cultural sites in Mexico City.

Although these beautiful tourist destinations are exciting, most Americans don't realize they'll need adequate car insurance to drive in the country.

Although these beautiful tourist destinations are exciting, most Americans don't realize they'll need adequate car insurance to drive in the country. In this article, you'll learn how to get covered before you take a day trip to Mexico.

Do I Need An Auto Insurance Policy When Driving in Mexico?

It used to be the case that tourists could easily cross the border into Mexico without any special type of insurance. That's no longer the case. Mexican authorities now require proof of financial responsibility in case tourists have an accident during their stay in Mexico. You'll need to buy international car insurance, even to cross the border to Mexico, carrying at least the minimum liability coverage.

U.S. liability insurance is not a valid auto policy recognized by Mexican insurance law.

U.S. liability insurance is not a valid auto policy recognized by Mexican insurance law. If you have a car accident, Mexican authorities may arrest you and impound your car until they can settle the situation. You may have an extended stay in Mexico if f you don't have the money to pay for the other driver's damages.

You must buy a Mexico auto insurance policy if you'll drive south of the border. Some U.S. insurers partner with local carriers in Mexico. They offer insurance coverage you should buy before you embark on your trip. If your insurer does not offer Mexican insurance, find the right agent because coverage is only more expensive if you buy it en route to Mexico.

Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance for an RV?

Yes, you need Mexico car insurance for all types of vehicles. RV insurance is especially expensive to insure in Mexico because the cost of collision and comprehensive is based on the value of the RV.

Are you taking a road trip to Mexico? If you're hitching a trailer to your car, you need to insure the trailer as well. If you are towing a vehicle, you'll need a Mexican auto insurance policy, in addition to the RV as well.

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What Are the Minimum Insurance Requirements to Drive in Mexico?

Liability insurance is the minimum auto insurance you have to buy to cross the border into Mexico. Insurers offer liability coverage at a flat rate. Mexican car insurance policies have a lump sum liability limit. This coverage is equivalent to the bodily injury and property damage liability insurance found on most American policies.

It also includes some medical insurance benefits and coverage for damages caused by uninsured motorists. Other carriers allow customers to buy endorsements. These may include rental car insurance, roadside assistance, and travel assistance (coverage for plane ticket costs).

It's very expensive to purchase Mexico auto insurance policies at the kiosks along the way to the border, so you're much better off buying them from a U.S carrier. Take into consideration that most U.S insurers will not cover theft or physical damage that occurs while you're traveling in Mexico.

What if I Travel to Mexico Without Mexican Insurance

If you try to drive into Mexico without the proper insurance, your vehicle may be confiscated. You may also end up in jail or detention, especially if you're involved in an accident. Mexican officials may not release you from jail until you've made a suitable way to pay back your financial responsibilities.

If you try to drive into Mexico without the proper insurance, your vehicle may be confiscated. You may also end up in jail or detention.

What Should I Look for in Car Insurance Coverage in Mexico?

Make sure that you have adequate liability limits, like $300,000 to $500,000 combined single limit. Beware of split limits that do not provide adequate coverage.

Do I Need Mexico Motorcycle Insurance?

You are only required to carry liability insurance for a motorcycle in Mexico. Just as with car insurance, you'll pay more to buy an auto policy from a kiosk along the way to Mexico. You're better off buying Mexico motorcycle insurance in the states.

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How Much Does Mexico Car Insurance Cost?

Prices on Mexico insurance policies range widely. Mexican insurers sell daily, semi-annual and annual insurance packages. A daily insurance policy can cost are almost as expensive as six-month policies.

It all depends on where you buy the car insurance policy, first and foremost, and then the value of your vehicle and the coverage you choose.

Insurance Carrier Daily Rate Semi-Annual Rate Annual Rate
ACE Seguros$201$378$462
El Aguila$207$341$417
Grupo Nacional Provincial$223$380$435

Although these Mexican insurance companies work with U.S. carriers, like AAA, they also underwrite policies. Are you're searching for an auto policy in Mexico? You can find one using an online insurance comparison engine, like SmartFinancial. Just enter your zip code, and we'll get you quotes from local agents within your area.

How Do I Buy a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy?

After you compare car insurance quotes to make sure you're not paying too much for U.S. car insurance, ask your agent if he or she sells Mexico car insurance policies.

Mexico insurance companies differ from many United States carriers. Their nation also has different requirements and insurance laws. You won't have to provide much information about your driving record just to buy an auto policy.

The following is the information you need to get a quote for Mexico car insurance:

  • Personal information (name, address, phone, email)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • License plate number
  • U.S. insurance policy information
  • Your travel plans, including where you're driving in Mexico
  • The type of car

Additional information carriers may require includes:

  • How long you'll stay in the country
  • If there's any driver under 21 years old
  • If you're towing anything

Aside from Cost, Why Should I Buy Mexico Insurance in the U.S?

For one thing, if you do have an accident and a suit is brought against you in the U.S, a Mexican auto insurance company will not provide assistance or respond to claims. All liability claims under Mexican auto insurance must be brought to Mexico for coverage to respond.

National insurance companies, like AAA, partner with Mexican insurers to sell different coverage options to international travelers. It may be worthwhile to buy your policy here if only to have a Mexican insurance representative to help if you find yourself in a bind after an accident.

You should also compare rates every year for your car insurance in the U.S. SmartFinancial gives you access to free insurance quotes which can save you hundreds of dollars a year. With your permission, they'll put you in touch with an agent offering you the best rates available. Just enter your zip code on this page to begin comparing rates to find the right policy for you.

How Do I File a Claim with Mexico Insurance?

You would be filing with the Mexican insurer. Your American representative will guide you, but they are not the carrier. After you purchase Mexico insurance online, you will be given a few phone numbers. These numbers are there in case you have an accident and need to file a claim.

After you call in a claim, the Mexican insurance company will send an adjuster to the scene to assess the damage. You also need to file a report with the police, whether you are at fault or not. If you are not satisfied with the customer service, your American insurer may or may not be able to intercede.

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