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With over 12 million members, USAA offers insurance primarily to military families.

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About USAA

USAA is an organization founded by military members for military members and their families. USAA was founded in the 1920s, during a time of social and political change. In San Antonio, Texas, 25 army officers met to insure each other’s vehicles and named William Garrison as the first president. This tiny group of men would later turn into one of the largest insurance companies, serving millions of members and becoming a fully integrated financial services organization. In 1923, the group expanded membership to include Navy and Marine Corp officers. In the 1930, membership grew despite the financial crisis, called the Great Depression, and several natural disasters that only exasperated an already desperate situation. By 1931 membership doubled from 15,000 to 30,000. The first annual report to members was published in 1932, and it highlighted financial success and commitment to the organization’s members.

During World War II, USAA automatically renewed auto insurance policies, making things a little easier for those who were deployed abroad. In 1946, the organization became an industry leader in technology with its new automated office machines. In 1948, membership was opened to Air Force officers after the National Security Act of 1947 created the department. In 1952, USAA opened an office in Frankfurt, Germany, the first office outside of Texas. In 1961, USAA changed its bylaws so that officers no longer lose their membership after resigning from service. In 1962, they opened an office in London, England. In 1969, USAA formed their first disaster response team which is stationed in the Gulf Coast tending to members impacted by Hurricane Camille.In 1973 USAA opened offices in Tampa, Colorado Springs and San Diego and established their headquarters in San Antonio. In 1978, they began offering toll-free phone service to members. In 1983, the USAA Federal Savings Bank opened its doors and in the same year USAA Volunteer Corps was created to help with employee volunteerism in their communities. In 1990, the USAA Educational Foundation was set up to help consumers get free information on financial management, safety concerns and more. In 1991, USAA began offering roadside assistance and travel benefits. In 1991, they made electronic funds transfers available to members and in 1996 they formed the USAA Ethics Office as a commitment to ethical business conduct. In 1996, they began accepting enlisted as members. By 1999, members could conduct business online.

In 2001 USAA provided special deployment assistance for the fight on terrorism. In 2006, they began offering ATM reimbursement and allowing members to deposit checks from home. In 2008, USAA expands eligibility requirements to include military retirees as well as the spouses and children of members. In 2009, all men and women who serve in the U.S. military and their families became eligible for membership. That same year, USAA became a sponsor of the Army-Navy Football Game and launched their mobile app. In 2010, USAA opened financial centers throughout the country while partnering with hundreds of UPS stores to service members. In 2011, USAA became the official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the National Football League. In 2016, they were the first bank to offer mobile app check deposit for visually impaired members. By 2017, USAA had 12 million members and a net worth of $31 billion.

USAA Facts & Ratings

Year Founded 1922
Financial Strength Excellent
JD Power Ranking Among the best
BBB Rating B-
NAIC Complaint Index 1.01
S&P Rating AA+

USAA Mobile App Rating

iOS 4.8 stars (out of 5) 1.6mil user reviews
Android 4.1 stars (out of 5) 195K user reviews

The USAA Mobile app is available for iOS and android. It gives users convenient and secure access to their accounts to manage finances, investments, insurance and more.

Pros & Cons of USAA

  • USAA offers financial literacy classes to its members as well as retirement planning.
  • The USAA app is easy to use and very helpful for managing your account.
  • USAA mainly offers coverage to military members and their families.

Common Questions about USAA

Is USAA insurance good?

USSA is a financially strong insurance provider and financial institution.

What does USAA home insurance cover?

USAA home insurance covers fire, theft, vandalism, most weather-related events, liability and identity theft. They offer replacement cost coverage.

Does USAA offer insurance to non-military?

USAA insures military members and civilians who are immediate family members of service members. There are also different levels of membership. Active, retired and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S military can become members. Officer candidates in commissioning programs and adult children of USAA members who have or had a USAA auto or property insurance policy can also become members as can widows and widowers of USAA members who have or had a USAA auto or property insurance policy.

What does USAA full coverage auto insurance cover?

USAA’s full coverage auto insurance includes comprehensive and collision insurance, which takes care of losses to your car if you’re found at fault. Accidents include rollovers. You also have options to add on PIP, if it’s not already required in your state; extended benefits coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage and uninsured and underinsurance motorist property damage coverage.

How much does USAA pay for a dental visit?

Cleanings and exams begin as soon as coverage starts. If you visit one of thousands of Cigna DPPO Advantage dentists, they’ll submit your claim automatically.

What does USAA health insurance cover?

USAA carries three tiers of health insurance: a comprehensive plan provides broad health cover over a long period of time, a short plan bridges the gap between comprehensive plans if you’ve lost coverage and fixed health benefit can supplement a more comprehensive plan.

Who qualifies for USAA health insurance?

USAA offers health insurance through third-party vendors, including Cigna. You must be a USAA member for them to work with you.

How much will my USAA insurance go up with a speeding ticket?

A speeding ticket may impact your policy for up to three years from the date of the incident. Any major violations in the past five years could also impact your rate. Your best bet is to take a driver safety course right away to get rid of the points before they are reported to your auto insurance carrier.

What is the USAA new car insurance grace period?

With USAA, you are eligible for a new car discount for a car that is not more than 3 years old.

How often does USAA pull driving records?

All car insurance companies pull driving records to get your driving history before they give you a car insurance quote. If you get a ticket after you’re insured, the offense is reported to your insurance company. Sometimes, you have the option of taking driving safety courses to offset any points you may have incurred, and your auto insurer will never know about the points on your license because they will be removed!

What are some of USAA auto insurance payment options?

You can pay 100% up-front with a savings for 6- or 12-month policies. Or you can pay 4 consecutive monthly installments with a 6-month policy; 9 consecutive monthly payments for a 12-month policy. Or you can pay 6 consecutive monthly installments for 6-month policy; 12 consecutive monthly installments for a 12-month policy.

How do I add a vehicle to my USAA insurance?

You’ll need to call your agent to add your vehicle for a multi-car discount. However, if you want to see if you can get cheaper rates than what is being offered by your agent, SmartFinancial can help.

Does USAA have accident forgiveness?

Yes, USAA offers accident forgiveness. Drivers without any claims filed for five or more years may be fully forgiven for their first accident and won’t get a price increase as a result of the accident..

How much will my USAA rate increase after an accident?

If it’s your first accident after five years, you won’t see an increase. However, if that doesn’t apply and you have an accident that costs $2000 or more, your car insurance rate can go up by as much as 41 percent. Your rate increase will take several factors into consideration. If your rate has gone up, you can compare car insurance quotes to make sure you’re not paying too much. Visit here for free car insurance quotes.

Does USAA insurance offer flood insurance?

Yes, USAA Insurance offer flood insurance: (877) 436-8530.

USAA Insurance Products

Car Insurance Homeowners Insurance
Renters Insurance Valuable Personal Property insurance
Collectibles Insurance Condo Insurance
Rental Property Insurance Mobile Home Insurance
Flood Insurance Farm and Ranch Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance Fixed Annuities
Watercraft Insurance Motorhome Insurance
Collector Car Insurance Aviation Insurance
Umbrelal Insurance Small Business Insurance
Mobile Phone Protection Retirement Planning
Rideshare Insurance Car Purchase Financing
Travel Insurance Pet Insurance
Major Medical Medicare
Dental Insurance Vision Insurance
Life Insurance

USAA Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers bodily injuries to a third party in an accident that was deemed your fault.

Property Damage Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers property damage and loss of use to a third party.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This form of coverage covers damages when the other party is at fault but is either uninsured or underinsured.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage pays for damages and loss other than that caused by a collision. It is subject to a deductible.

Collision Coverage

his coverage pays for damages and loss caused by impact with another automobile, object or person. It is subject to a deductible.

Personal Injury Protection.

This type of protection will cover you if you’ve been injured in an accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Coverages include income continuation, loss of services, funeral expenses and child-care expenses.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance.

This protection pays for medical expenses if you’re injured in a vehicular accident caused by someone who doesn’t carry liability insurance.

Roadside Assistance.

This is an optional coverage that reimburses the insured for the car rental, towing and labor.

Rental Reimbursement.

This coverage takes care of renting a vehicle while yours is being repaired for more than 24 hours.

Accident Forgiveness.

Drivers with a clean policy for five or more years qualify and may be fully forgiven for their first accident without seeing a price increase as a result of the accident.


Military Installation Annual Mileage
Discount for Driving Research (telematics) Premier Driver Discount
Defensive Driving Course Discount Driver Training Course Discount
New Vehicle Discount Good Student Discount
Family Discount Automatic Payments Discount
Multi-policy Discount  

USAA Auto Insurance Rates by State

Below is a list of the average rates that drivers typically pay with USAA. On average, USAA charges approximately $119.42 per month. The cheapest state average is Maine at $66.11 per month followed by Wisconsin at $68.43 per month. The most expensive state average is Pennsylvania at $177.61 per month.

State Avg monthly rate
AL $119.68
AR $86.38
AZ $109.41
CA $149.66
CO $115.63
CT $114.95
DC $122.32
DE $90.69
GA $112.58
HI $85.39
IA $106.20
IL $130.16
IN $75.62
KS $105.21
KY $126.39
LA $163.28
MA $112.23
MD $101.41
ME $66.11
State Avg monthly rate
MI $104.92
MN $106.47
MO $73.76
MS $91.38
NE $136.80
NV $170.78
NY $144.86
OH $69.15
OK $107.97
OR $79.96
PA $177.61
RI $95.53
SC $95.12
TN $81.83
TX $125.44
UT $81.29
VA $81.18
WA $92.24
WI $68.43

USAA Auto Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Drivers typically will get a discount if they insure multiple vehicles. Here is a list of average rates that USAA charges for drivers who have more than 1 vehicle.

Number of Vehicles Avg Monthly Rate
1 Vehicle $110.81
2 Vehicles $172.89

USAA Auto Insurance Rates by Homeownership

Customers who own their home rather than rent can sometimes get a small discount. We found that on average USAA charges $118.17 per month for drivers who own their home and $124.00 per month for those who rent.

Own/Rent Avg Monthly Rate
Rent $118.17
Own $124.00

USAA Contact Info

Address 9800 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78288
Phone 1-800-531-8722


The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.


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USAA vs Dairyland USAA vs Encompass
USAA vs Farmers USAA vs Liberty Mutual
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