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Encompass is a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance and is based in Northbrook Illinois.

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About Encompass

In 1897, the company that would eventually be called Encompass almost a century later began selling personal insurance with the promise of “protection and security.” Even though the company began using the name Encompass in the 1990s, the EncompassOne® Package Policy traces back to the very start in 1897. Today, there are more than 2,400 Encompass independent agents in 39 states. Encompass Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate Corporation and is one of the largest personal property and casualty insurance brands.

Encompass Facts & Ratings

Year Founded 1897
Financial Strength Excellent
BBB Rating A+
NAIC Complaint Ratio 0.42

Encompass Mobile App Rating

Encompass only offers a Roadside Assistance app for iOS and Android. It has not been rated.

Pros & Cons of Encompass Insurance

  • Great customer service and low complaint ratio.
  • New Car Replacement and Accident Forgiveness (and Extended Accident Forgiveness)
  • Great bundle deals
  • There’s no minimal coverage for standalone homeowners insurance
  • No mature driver discount

Common Questions about Encompass

What does the Encompass rental car coverage cover?

Car rental reimbursement coverage pays up to a daily policy limit and generally until repairs are completed, up to a maximum number of days provided in your policy. Rental reimbursement is included in your Elite auto policy and is optional coverage available with Deluxe and Special.

Does Encompass insurance have good consumer reports?

Yes, Encompass insurance has great consumer reports ratings from the BBB, A.M. Best and Fitch.

What is the Encompass insurance rating?

Encompass has the highest financial strength ratings and the highest consumer reports ratings.

How to save on homeowners insurance with Encompass:

You can save on homeowners insurance with Encompass if you bundle home, auto, and other policies in the EncompassOne® Policy. You can also save with a home security system discount and with a discount on a home less than 49 years old.

What states does Encompass insurance write in?

Encompass writes in every state except Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Is Encompass insurance part of Allstate?

Yes, Encompass Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate.

What is the EncompassOne policy?

The EncompassOne® Policy is a bundle of home, auto, and other insurance policies into one package. It can save consumers a considerable amount of money.

Does Encompass offer gap insurance?

Yes, Encompass offers gap insurance, which covers the gap between what you owe on your loan and the actual value of your car. It is far less expensive to buy gap insurance from Encompass than it is from a dealer.

How does the Encompass insurance rate?

Encompass insurance has high customer satisfaction ratings and high scores for financial strength.

How to save on auto insurance with Encompass:

You can get up to 5% off your policy premium if no one on your policy has had an accident in the last 12-month period (Safe Driving Bonus); You can save on your policy if it is issued 7 or more days prior to the effective date (Future Effective Date); You can save money if you pay 7 or more days prior to the effective date (Encompass Easy Pay®); If you sign up for automatic payments you get a discount (Encompass Easy Pay®). There are other discounts for auto, too, including new car discount, homeowners discount, good payer discount, defensive driver discount, anti-lock brake discount, anti-theft device discount, passive restraint system discount, good student discount, driver training discount, and resident student discount.

What does Encompass renters insurance cover?

Encompass renters insurance offers personal injury protection, computer, and data recovery coverage, jewelry and fur coverage, and water backup protection.

What does Encompass home insurance cover?

Encompass home insurance offers three standalone homeowners insurance options: Elite, Deluxe, and Special. These have high limits and premium features that other carriers often exclude. These features include 200% property location limit, enhanced replacement cost coverage, water backup protection, covered losses for structure and contents, increased building costs, mortgage rate protection, personal injury protection, computer, and data recovery coverage and jewelry and fur replacement cost coverage.

Does Encompass have good home insurance reviews?

Encompass home insurance policies are not cheap but consumers give encompass above average ratings (approximately 3.5 out of 5 stars on most review sites).

What is mortgage rate protection by Encompass?

Mortgage rate protection works this way: if a loss requires a new higher-rate mortgage, this coverage will pay up to $20,000 for increased expenses like closing costs and mortgage acquisition fees.

Does Electric Insurance cover flood damage for homeowners?

Electric Insurance offers separate flood insurance coverage, which a standard home policy wouldn’t cover. Only flood insurance would cover damage caused by groundwater. You can purchase flood coverage for your dwelling, your personal property, or both.

Encompass Insurance Products

Automobile Insurance Homeowners Insurance
Umbrella Insurance Dwelling Fire Insurance
Boatowners Insurance Commercial Insurance
Business Owners Policy Insurance Commercial Package Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial Excess Liability
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Commercial Garage Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Liquor Liability Insurance
Contractor’s Errors & Omissions Commercial Loss Control Services
Commercial Group Programs Commercial Premium Audit Services
Farm Insurance Title Insurance

Encompass Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers bodily injuries to a third party in an accident that was deemed your fault.

Property Damage Liability

This form of coverage is required in every state. It covers property damage and loss of use to a third party.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This form of coverage covers damages when the other party is at fault but is either uninsured or underinsured.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage pays for damages and loss other than that caused by a collision. It is subject to a deductible.

Collision Coverage

his coverage pays for damages and loss caused by impact with another automobile, object or person. It is subject to a deductible.

New Car Replacement

If your car is totaled due to a covered loss, Encompass will replace your vehicle with a current model year or a car of a similar size and class. You will first have to pay the policy deductible and your car cannot be more than four years old and you must be the original owner.

Accident Forgiveness

You can avoid a spike in premiums due to an accident with this coverage. If you upgrade to the Elite auto coverage, you get Enhanced Accident Forgiveness, which applies to multiple at-fault accidents.

Loan/Lease Gap Coverage

As a car depreciates in value, you may end up owing more than the car is worth. Gap coverage will cover that gap and pay your remaining balance if you ever total a car you still owe payments on.

Roadside Assistance

If your car becomes disabled, you’re covered 24/7.

Gap Coverage

This is a form of insurance that may cover the gap between what you owe on your loan and the actual value of your car.


Safe Driving Bonus Future Effective Date
Encompass Easy Pay Driver Training Credit
New Car Discount Homeowners Discount
Good Payer Discount Defensive Driver Discount
Anti-lock Brake Discount Anti-theft Device Discount
Passive Restraint System Discount Good Student Discount
Driver Training Discount Resident Student Discount

Encompass Auto Insurance Rates by State


Encompass Auto Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Number of Vehicles Avg Monthly Rate

Encompass Auto Insurance Rates by Homeownership

Own/Rent Avg Monthly Rate

Encompass Contact Info

Address 2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone 1-800-342-5342
Website https://www.encompassinsurance.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EncompassInsurance/
Twitter https://twitter.com/EncompassInsur1
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4ijYmLNXkfG0TVFbfCwLSg
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/encompass-insurance/


The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house reporting. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on various criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should only be used as an estimate.


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