8 Jobs that Get Car Insurance Discounts

Fran Majidi
January 15, 2020

As with anything that reveals someone’s personality, someone’s job is a good indicator of risk. On a very obvious level, you can see how a stunt double who jumps out of moving cars is more of a risk-taker than a chemist who conducts analysis in a laboratory. Wouldn’t it then follow that the stunt double should pay more in car insurance, in case his propensity for daredevilish ways takes him over while he’s behind the wheel? You’re nodding.

Most professions are not that easy to assess but there are some jobs that indicate less risk than others. This is because people in those jobs have filed fewer claims than folks in other jobs over the years. Insurers take note of such statistics and in turn offer lower rates to people who are not likely to find themselves in an accident.

If you are in a low-risk profession, you probably deserve a discount. And you’re in luck because most insurance companies will offer them if you’re in one of the jobs listed below. While auto insurance companies don’t come straight out and advertise the fact that they are willing to give discounts to certain people, they often will if you persist with good reason. That’s not to say that all insurers offer discounts if you fit into a low-risk category, but many will.

We’re here to tell you if you may be entitled to a discount on your auto insurance that may save you hundreds of dollars a year. Check out our list of occupations that get car insurance discounts and see if you are paying too much. If so, visit here to compare car insurance rates for free.

1. Teachers, Professors, Principals, Deans and Other Educators

Many companies offer discounts to educators of all kinds, whether you teach pre-school, 8th grade, high school or college. Deans and principals are also contenders for major discounts on car insurance. Even people ancillary staff jobs at colleges and high school are sometimes given discounts so it’s worth it to highlight your profession when you apply for car insurance.

Some car insurance companies offer very economical coverage packages for teachers and other educators. In fact, some were founded on the mission to provide car insurance exclusively for educators. Meemic Insurance, Horace Mann and Plymouth Rock are just a few insurers who focus on teachers and other educators with big discounts. Some bigger companies who offer auto insurance to all kinds of people offer steep discounts for educators too. The following are highly rated for their teacher discounts: Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Geico, Esurance and California Casualty.

Some insurance providers, namely Liberty Mutual, offer a $0 deductible if your car is vandalized on school property or during school-related events, like a game away from home. They also offer up to $2,500 per incident if teaching materials, syllabi or related textbooks are stolen or damaged. Plymouth Rock New Jersey offers up to $1,000 for the same coverage. There are others too, with lots of incentives for teachers to get insured the right way. Your best bet is to compare car insurance rates for teachers. 

Note that some states also offer deeper savings over others. For example, Geico’s policy saves teachers about 10% in Alabama but only 5% in Pennsylvania.

2. Nurses, Doctors and Other Medical Practitioners

USAA, Geico and Nationwide offer some deep discounts for nurses and doctors. Farmers Insurance also offers 15% discounts to physicians, dentists, and surgeons. Even occupational therapists and chiropractors and people in other ancillary medical fields are eligible for some deep discounts.

It’s always a good idea to stress your occupation to an agent when shopping car insurance rates. Ask which carrier they work with who will offer a discount because of your profession. While you won’t find car insurance for nurses or car insurance for doctors the way there is specialty offerings for teachers, many insurers offer car insurance discounts to people in the medical profession. These discounts range between 3% and 15%.

3. Law Enforcement: Police Officers, Detectives and More

Corrections officers, cops, even CSI professionals are eligible for discounts with certain carriers. The usual suspects offer discounts, like Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Travelers and Geico. But smaller companies like California Casualty and Country Financial also provide discounts upon receiving the proper documentation.

California Casualty is noteworthy because it offers Fallen Officer/Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit, a coverage, which allows a surviving spouse or partner to waive premiums for one year plus the remaining calendar year. However, this coverage is not available in every state. Tell an agent that you work in law enforcement when shopping car insurance rates.

4. Fire Fighters

Many carriers offer car insurance discounts for firefighters for the brave work firemen and firewomen do. Even though their job is dangerous, most firefighters are low-risk insureds, who rarely file claims. A few of the carriers who provide discounts for coverage include Farmers, Nationwide and Liberty Mutual.

California Casualty is noteworthy because it offers Fallen Officer/Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit, a coverage, which allows a surviving spouse or partner to waive premiums for one year plus the remaining calendar year. However, this coverage is not available in every state.

5. Scientists

For reasons unbeknownst to scientists themselves, it’s been found that people in the field of science are lower-risk individuals. Therefore, if you’re a scientist (or married to one) you’ll find that some insurance carriers offer car insurance discounts because of your profession.

Mercury insurance offers a big discount for chemists, biologists, and more. And Farmers offers a discount if you have a bachelor’s degree in science or math. Science and math majors in college can expect to pay less than other students too.

And before you assume that you’re looking at a flimsy 2% discount, let us tell you that Geico offers a 20 percent discount in California. In some other states, it’s as high as 10% depending on the carrier and your driving history. So, keep in mind that your rate will fluctuate based on other factors too. That’s why it’s always wise to shop and compare car insurance rates

6. Engineers

People with a bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering can earn discounts. Statistics show that engineers are less likely to file a claim, even when they are involved in a minor accident. Perhaps because they do the math right away and realize you’re paying a lot for a required deductible so you may as well take care of a slight dent yourself!

Progressive goes so far as to offer a 19% discount in Pennsylvania. While the discounts are a bit lower in other states (12% in Rhode Island, 15% in Texas, Kansas, Delaware, Arkansas, Kentucky and North Dakota), it’s an average savings of about $40 per premium. Not too shabby for being good at math!

7. Farmers

There’s a reason why Farmers insurance company is called Farmers. Just like speciality insurance for teachers, there used to be specialty insurance for farmers. Many of those insurance companies grew over the years to also insure the general public, but many still stay true to their roots. Farmers are ideal individuals to insure for car insurance because they often have a short commute or none at all.

In Alabama, farmers can earn a 10% discount from Geico. There is a 5% discount in several other states. The Farm Bureau Insurance company offers a discount for private passenger autos with a farm usage.

8. Lawyers

Law abiding is a good trait that lawyers generally do have and that includes knowing the rules of the road. Progressive offers a 15% discount to lawyers in Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Texas and more. Belonging to your local bar association may bring you deep discounts from many other carriers.

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