9 Essential Insurance Coverages for a Lucky or Not-So-Lucky Leprechaun

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Key Takeaways

  • Even the luckiest leprechaun needs to have adequate car insurance because the rainbow appears after rainfall when the roads are slick.
  • Protecting your pot of gold is essential, so buy a floater for your home insurance policy.
  • Allergies to fairydust is covered by health insurance.
  • Leaving behind small pots of gold for the little ones with life insurance is a good move before entering leprechaun heaven.
  • Whether you run a four-leaf clover farm or if you make and mend shoes, you’ll need commercial insurance.

Ah, the life of a leprechaun — it is full of mischief, luck and an overflowing pot of gold at the end of a beautiful rainbow! But even the luckiest of leprechauns can't rely solely on their luck and charms to navigate a world in which people know about their pot of gold and where leprechauns face risks as small-business owners who make and mend shoes. Even leprechauns need car, home, health, life and business insurance. That's why we've compiled a list of the nine leprechaun insurance coverages every lucky or unlucky leprechaun should have to ensure their legendary luck doesn't run out.

  1. Gold Pot Protection Plan: Imagine the devastation if a leprechaun’s most prized possession — their pot of gold — were stolen or destroyed! The Gold Pot Protection Plan is one that does not rely on homeowners insurance alone. For leprechauns and people who keep precious metals like gold or silver in a safe in your home: There’s typically a $200 limit of coverage for gold and silver bars or coins.[1] You may be able to raise the limit to a per-piece coverage limit of $2,000 and the overall limit in the precious metals category of $5,000. A floater policy that has been professionally appraised will fully protect your precious metals. Consider that gold was priced at over $2,000 an ounce in March 2022, before determining how much insurance coverage you need against theft by humans and mischievous fairies.[2] Don’t forget that fires are covered too, in case you melt down your pot of gold–even more reason to buy a floater policy for your jewelry, precious metals and luxury watches.
  2. Rainbow collision insurance: Rainbows may seem harmless to humans, but they can be hazardous for leprechauns on the run. Protect yourself against car accidents, which are more common during and after rainfall, just before the sun and rainbow appear. Also, the sun may obstruct the leprechaun’s vision if they did not bring their sunglasses. Make sure you have adequate liability and collision coverage to repair the other car and your car, in case rainbow-induced euphoria causes you to cause an accident.
  3. Get-away breakdown coverage: A leprechaun's shoe buckle is not just a fashion statement — it's a crucial tool for teleportation and escape. But what happens when it malfunctions? Similarly, mechanical breakdown coverage is good for the leprechaun who likes to drive instead of running! You never know when your car is going to break down while you’re causing mischief and your shoe buckle won’t help.
  4. Blarney Stone coverage: Kissing the Blarney Stone makes you persuasive, talkative and charming, which helps because many leprechauns mend or make shoes for a living. Leprechauns must, however, be careful of shoe shoppers accidentally tripping and falling while trying on shoes and listening to you try to convince them to buy several pairs! That’s what general liability coverage is for — to pay your customers’ injuries. Don't let a clumsy mishap ruin your business due to unforeseen tumbles.
  5. Leprechaun liability insurance: Let's face it, leprechauns have a knack for getting into trouble — call it an ancient curse. Protect yourself against lawsuits and magical mishaps with higher liability car insurance limits and even an umbrella policy, because an accident can cost much more than the state minimum required limits. If you have to pay for repairs and injuries to the other car and passengers out of pocket, it’ll make a dent in your pile of gold!
  6. Four-leaf clover crop insurance: For leprechauns who farm four-leaf clovers, ensuring a bountiful crop is essential and you can protect yourself with crop and livestock insurance. Don't let pests or bad weather ruin your luck. Instead, invest in your four-leaf clover farm and guarantee a steady supply of good fortune year-round.
  7. Lunar Eclipse Protection: Lunar eclipses might be rare, but for leprechauns, they can spell disaster. Protect yourself against liability claims with homeowners insurance, in case someone observing an eclipse trips and falls while on your property or those camping out to watch the eclipse start a fire that engulfs your home. Lunar Eclipse Protection also protects against werewolf sightings and general lunar lunacy.
  8. Fairy dust disaster coverage: Fairy dust might seem harmless, but it can cause sneezing fits and coughing for leprechauns, as well as uncontrollable levitation and even temporary shrinkage. A solid health insurance policy will help you pay for some medical bills as you recover from magical mishaps.
  9. End of the rainbow retirement plan: Retirement might seem like a distant dream for a leprechaun, but even mythical creatures need to plan for their golden years with the right Medicare coverage to cover medical bills and life insurance – because when it's time to hang up your green hat, you'll want to do it in style by leaving something for the little ones.


What’s the biggest risk leprechauns must protect themselves against?

Drinking and driving on St. Patrick’s Day is a challenge for leprechauns, but most are beginning to use Uber instead of facing huge fines, increased insurance rates and possible jail time. There is no such thing as leprechaun ale insurance unfortunately.

When can a leprechaun buy health insurance?

Leprechauns and humans can buy health insurance during open enrollment, which runs from November 1 to December 15 for coverage starting on January 1.[3] If you’re a leprechaun who missed open enrollment but changed jobs, got married or divorced, had a baby leprechaun and more, you can buy a policy during your special enrollment period.


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