What Type of Home Insurance Do I Need for an Easter Gathering?

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A standard homeowners insurance policy should provide coverage for many of the risks you may face while hosting a large gathering at your home on Easter Sunday. In particular, personal liability insurance is crucial because it handles claims related to a guest who is injured or whose belongings are damaged in your home.

For more information about Easter home insurance coverage and some of the risks you should prepare for if you plan on throwing an Easter party, keep reading the rest of this article.

Key Takeaways

  • If your guests are injured during an Easter gathering at your home, your medical payments coverage can take care of treatments for minor injuries, while your personal liability coverage can handle larger medical bills and subsequent legal fees if necessary.
  • Your dwelling and personal property insurance will cover damage a kitchen fire inflicts on your home and belongings, respectively, while loss of use coverage can help you move somewhere else temporarily if the fire leaves your home uninhabitable.
  • Personal liability insurance may cover bodily injury and property damage your guests experience because of your pets but your home insurance policy won’t cover vet bills if your dog gets sick from eating chocolate.
  • Homeowners insurance generally doesn’t cover flood damage but may cover water damage caused by a rainstorm if another covered peril like wind or hail contributes to the loss.

Will My Home Insurance Policy Cover Me on Easter?

In general, homeowners insurance can cover numerous incidents you could face in the process of hosting a get-together with family or friends on Easter such as guest injuries and damage to your home and belongings from unexpected perils including some types of weather-related damage.

What Types of Coverage Do I Need for an Easter Party?

Continue reading to learn about various situations you may be likely to encounter during your holiday festivities and what coverage types included in a standard homeowners insurance policy can cover them.

common easter hazards

Egg Hunting Hazards

Two parts of a standard home insurance policy may provide coverage in case children are injured in the midst of an Easter egg hunt on your property: medical payments coverage and personal liability coverage. Medical payments coverage can provide up to $5,000 to cover emergency room visits and treatments for minor injuries.[1] It may kick in if a child trips over a tree root and sprains their ankle or falls while trying to climb a tree and fractures their wrist.

Meanwhile, personal liability insurance tends to have much higher coverage limits, with most policies including $100,000 worth of coverage at the bare minimum.[2] As a result, it can cover medical bills for more serious injuries or legal expenses if you are sued after a guest is injured or dies. For example, your personal liability coverage might protect you if a visiting child falls into your swimming pool and drowns.

Personal liability insurance may also provide coverage in case a guest gets sick due to something they eat at your house, meaning it may take effect if a child eats a piece of candy that has expired or was otherwise contaminated while it was sitting in an Easter egg outside.[3]

The Easter Bunny Takes a Fall

Similarly, your policy should cover someone dressed in an Easter Bunny costume who falls or is otherwise injured during your party. In fact, your personal liability or medical payments insurance may provide coverage even if the person in the costume is a hired entertainer.[4]

That said, depending on the size and scope of your party and the exclusions and coverage limits included in your home insurance policy, you may want to consider purchasing additional event liability insurance if you are concerned that your homeowners policy won’t provide enough coverage.[5]

Kitchen Catastrophes

Fire is among the perils generally covered by both dwelling insurance and personal property insurance, meaning your insurance company should pay to repair damage to your home and belongings in the event of a kitchen fire. If the fire is so severe that it leaves your home uninhabitable, then your loss of use coverage can help you cover temporary living expenses such as hotel stays, restaurant meals, laundromat costs and more.

Meanwhile, your liability and medical payments coverage can also step in if a guest incurs an injury in the kitchen such as cutting their finger with a knife or burning their hand on the stove.

However, you should remember that your medical payments insurance doesn’t provide coverage if you or a family member is injured, so the people living in your household will need to rely on a health insurance plan to cover their own medical bills.[6]

Mischievous Pets

Damage caused by pets isn’t among the named perils covered by the personal property coverage portion of most home insurance policies. However, your personal liability insurance may cover damage your pets cause to a guest’s property. For example, if your cat knocks over one of your vases and it falls onto a visitor’s phone, your insurance company likely won’t pay to replace the vase but may pay to replace the phone.

Your liability insurance should also cover medical bills if your pet injures a guest, although some homeowners insurance companies exclude coverage for dog bites from certain breeds that are considered especially likely to be aggressive such as rottweilers.

Conversely, home insurance policies generally don’t provide coverage for veterinarian bills if your dog gets into the chocolate in an Easter basket and gets sick. To receive coverage for this scenario, you would need to buy pet health insurance.

Easter Showers

Homeowners insurance typically excludes coverage for flooding, so damage caused by an Easter rainstorm may not be covered unless you buy a separate flood insurance policy. That said, your insurance carrier may cover rain damage to your home or belongings if the damage can be attributed to another peril that your policy covers.

For example, homeowners insurance usually covers wind, hail and falling objects like tree branches. As a result, if one of these breaks your window or leaves a hole in your roof and allows rain to get into your home, then your insurer may cover the subsequent water damage.

How To Get Easter Home Insurance for Your Holiday Gatherings

To find the best insurance for Easter gatherings, you should take a look at quotes from three to five different home insurance companies. Requesting a quote requires sharing information about the age of your home, the condition of your roof, the number of people living in your household and more. Naturally, it can take an onerous amount of time to share all of this information with several different carriers individually.

However, you can make the process go faster by using an online insurance marketplace such as SmartFinancial. Simply fill out a questionnaire about your coverage needs and we’ll quickly handle the legwork of finding policies for you to compare. Click here if you’re interested in speaking with an agent about receiving free home insurance quotes today. 

Get Home Insurance Coverage for Your Holiday Parties


What does a standard homeowners insurance policy cover?

A standard home insurance policy includes six coverage types: dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments coverage.

When is Easter?

This year, Easter will take place on March 31, 2024.

Are there homeowners insurance discounts on Easter?

Homeowners insurance companies generally don’t offer special discounts related to Easter.


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