Everything You Need To Know About State Farm Roadside Assistance

Lucy Lazarony February 2, 2021

When you request State Farm Roadside Assistance, either by phone or online or through a mobile app, a service provider will be dispatched to assist you and take care of any emergency road service needs. Emergency roadside assistance services may include towing, locksmith services, getting gas, oil or a new battery, jumpstarting your vehicle and changing tires. Once State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage is verified, you will not pay any upfront financial burden because State Farm will be billed directly for basic services. But be aware you may pay out-of-pocket costs for replacement items such as tires, gas and batteries. If you do not have State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage and are a State Farm customer, you can still use the roadside assistance services simply by reaching out for assistance when needed. The only difference is you will pay for the roadside assistance services that you use at a rate negotiated by State Farm. State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage customers pay for their coverage in their insurance policies. Here is a closer look at State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Number

State Farm Roadside Assistance has two phone numbers for reaching a roadside assistance service provider, one is a general number for assistance and the second State Farm Roadside Assistance number is for accidents.

The general number that will assist you from the side of the road or wherever your car is stranded is 877-627-5757.

The second State Farm Roadside Assistance number is 855-259-8568. This is the number to call when you've been in an accident and need assistance with your vehicle.

State Farm Cancel Policy

At State Farm, you can cancel a policy by phone, by mail or in person. By phone is easy. Simply call your local State Farm agent and explain that you would like State Farm to cancel your policy. You'll need to provide your name, policy number and date of birth. If you are switching insurance companies, State Farm may ask for the name, policy number and policy start date with the new insurance company. And if you are canceling your policy because you've sold your car, you might also need to provide proof of your vehicle's bill of sale.

For auto policy cancellations, you may call 800-STATEFARM for assistance. Phone cancellations take effect immediately or you also can schedule a cancellation for a future date.

Many states require you to inform the DMV when you cancel or change your car insurance. Check with your State Farm agent to see if this step is necessary in your state.

To cancel by mail, you'll need to write a letter that includes the following information, your name, address and phone number, your State Farm policy number and the date and time you want your policy to end. If you are switching to a new insurance company, you may need to submit the insurance company's name, policy number and policy effective date as well. And if you sold your car, you may need to provide a copy of your bill of sale.

Sign and date the letter and mail the letter at least two weeks before your intended cancellation date. The letter should be sent to

Corporate Headquarters
State Farm Insurance
One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington IL, 61710

To cancel your policy in person. Step into your nearest State Farm office. You'll need the following information, your name, address and phone number, your State Farm policy number and the date and time you want your policy to end. State Farm may ask for your new insurance company's name, policy number and policy start date. And if you sold your vehicle, you may need to bring the bill of sale.

Make sure to buy new car insurance before you cancel. A lapse in coverage will cost you a lot!

State Farm Roadside Assistance vs AAA

State Farm Roadside Assistance covers mechanical labor at the breakdown up to one hour, towing to the nearest repair location if the covered vehicle is not driveable and towing if the covered car is stuck on or immediately next to a public road. Also covered by State Farm Roadside Assistance is the delivery of gas, oil, battery or change of tire. But be aware the costs of these items are not covered. So you'll need to pay for gas, oil or battery or change of tire if your vehicle should need it. State Farm Roadside Assistance also includes locksmith labor for up to an hour to unlock a covered car if the key is lost, stolen or locked inside the car.

Here are some items not covered by State Farm Roadside Assistance. Towing costs beyond what it would cost to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility. Labor costs beyond the first hour.

State Farm Roadside Assistance is an optional coverage available to State Farm customers. The cost is $5 to $7 per policy period. If you do not have State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage, you will pay for the services at a competitive rate negotiated by State Farm.

Now let's take a look at State Farm Roadside Assistance vs AAA.

There are three tiers of membership at AAA. There is a AAA Classic membership, AAA Plus membership and AAA Premier membership. Membership prices vary by your region of the country. Wherever you live the Classic membership will be the least expensive, the AAA Plus cost will be in the middle and AAA Premier cost will be the most expensive.

In the AAA AutoClub South region, a Classic membership costs $68 per year. AAA Plus membership costs $104 per year and AAA Premier membership costs $131.

Now let's look at the AAA Roadside Service plans. With a AAA Classic membership, you get towing up to five miles, a battery jumpstart or a boost, mobile battery replacement service, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, vehicle lockout service up to $50, extrication and winching with one service vehicle and bicycle roadside assistance.

The AAA Plus membership has all the benefits of a AAA Classic membership plus these additions. These roadside benefits include getting towing up to 100 miles, free fuel delivery, a vehicle locksmith service up to $100 and extrication and winching with two service vehicles.

With AAA Premier, you get all the benefits of AAA Plus membership plus these additional benefits. These benefits include one tow for up to 200 miles, up to three tows up to 100 miles each, a vehicle lockout service for to $150, a home lockout service for up to $100, a free one-day car rental with qualifying non-collision tow and car travel interruption up to $1,500.

When comparing State Farm Roadside Assistance to AAA, AAA has a few more services. For example, State Farm does not offer a winching and extrication service. And AAA offers winching in all three of its membership levels. AAA Plus has towing up to 100 miles and AAA Premier has towing up to 200 miles and up to three tows of 100 miles each.

State Farm Roadside Assistance has towing only to the nearest repair facility. This is comparable to AAA Classic, which has towing up to five miles.

But AAA comes at a much higher prices, $68 for AAA Classic, $104 for AAA Plus and $131 for AAA Premier. State Farm Roadside Assistance is $5 to $7 per policy period.

For a car that you drive around town, having State Farm Roadside Assistance may be enough. But if you drive long distances, the greater coverages for towing that come from AAA may appeal to you. Just be ready to pay more than $100 for those towing privileges.

Affordable Insurance with Roadside Assistance Plan

State Farm Roadside Assistance Reviews

When compared with other roadside assistance programs offered by other auto insurance companies, State Farm Roadside Assistance comes ahead on price.

With a price of $5 to $7 per policy period, State Farm Roadside Assistance is very affordable for the services it provides. And that is what the reviews say, good, straight ahead coverage at a good price. So the State Farm Roadside Assistance reviews are good ones.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Cost

It is worth mentioning again. The State Farm Roadside Assistance cost is $5 to $7 per policy period. This is much less expensive than what other auto insurance companies may charge for their emergency roadside assistance. And as noted above, it is much less expensive than any of the programs offered by AAA. If you are looking for a straightforward coverage for emergency roadside assistance, State Farm Roadside Assistance fits the bill.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Towing Miles

With State Farm Roadside Assistance, you are covered for free towing to the nearest repair location if the covered car is not driveable. The amount of miles of the tow will vary based on the location of the breakdown or accident and the nearest repair facility. But rest assured, the tow truck driver will take you to the nearest repair shop so your car will be one step closer to getting repaired and getting back on the road.

How to Handle a Car Accident

Are you on the side of the road because of a car accident? Here are some important steps to take.

Get your car to a safe place. If the car accident is a minor one, move your car out of traffic until you find a safe spot for stopping. Put your car into park, turn off your car and turn on the hazard lights. If you have them, use cones, warning triangles and flares for additional safety.

Check for injuries. Call an ambulance if you or a passenger is suffering physically as a result of the accident.

Call the police and do so even if the accident is minor. Filing a police report will help you during the claim process when guilt for the accident is being determined. You want your side of the accident in the police report.

Next, you'll need to collect a lot of information. You'll need the names and contact information of all the drivers and passengers involved in the accident. You'll also need vehicle descriptions, the make, model and year of vehicles involved in the accident. And there's still more to get including driver's license numbers and license plate numbers, insurance companies and policy numbers, eyewitness names and contact information and the accident scene location and address. And don't forget the police officer's name and badge number.

Take photos of all the vehicles involved in the accident if it is safe to do so.

You can even file an insurance claim from the accident scene and add any additional details later when things are calmer and you remember more of what was going on.

If your car isn't driveable after the accident, call roadside assistance and get your car towed to the nearest repair shop.

Four Steps to Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Step one, reach out to an auto insurance company online, by mobile app or by calling an 800 number for claims.

Step two, a claims representative will review your claims and let you know what is happening and what will happen next.

Next, you'll get an estimate for the repairs from the repair shop, one selected by the insurance company or one picked out on your own. Either repair shop will do.

In step four, the insurance company pays for repairs. They can pay the repair shop, direct deposit the money into your bank account or send you a check. Whatever payment method works best for you.

Things to Think About with Auto Insurance Claims

Not sure if you should file an auto insurance claim? Depending on your insurance policy, you could get payment for vehicle repairs, rental car coverage, payment for medical bills and liability coverage if you are at fault for the accident. So consider your own situation carefully. You could have much to gain by filing a claim after an accident.

Looking for a fast way to file your auto insurance claim? Check out online claims and claims filed through an insurance company's mobile app. With online claims or through a mobile app, you'll be able to check the status of your claim, upload photos and other documents, set up direct deposit for the settlement payment and get electronic notifications on your claim. Got questions? You can reach out to your insurance company online or through the mobile app.

Choose a repair shop. You may choose your own repair shop for the repairs needed on your vehicle. Or you may choose a repair shop selected by your insurance company. The repair shop selected by your insurance company may provide a guaranteed completion date and a limited lifetime warranty. So be sure to check out what's available at the repair shop selected by the insurance company before you make a decision.

Shop Around for Auto Insurance Coverage

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