2024 Nationwide Roadside Assistance Review

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If you’re a Nationwide customer without roadside assistance, consider adding this coverage to your existing auto policy. Nationwide’s roadside coverage starts at $22 per year and provides coverage for tows, jumpstarts, flat tire changes and other roadside emergency services.

With every one in three drivers experiencing a vehicle breakdown each year according to Agero, roadside coverage can come in handy.[1] After talking to Nationwide agents, we’ve created this Nationwide roadside assistance review to answer your questions about how it works, what’s covered, how much it costs and potential drawbacks.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding roadside assistance coverage to your auto policy will include coverage for tows, fuel deliveries, winching and other emergency roadside services.
  • The Nationwide Basic plan costs $22 to $24 or $42 to $44 if you upgrade to the Plus plan.
  • Nationwide roadside coverage will include three to six service calls per year depending on your location.






46 states[2]

46 states[2]

Annual Pricing



Service Calls Per Year



Tow Truck

15 miles

100 miles




Battery Jumpstart






Flat Tire



Fuel Delivery



Trip Interruption





Our Thoughts on Nationwide Roadside Assistance

Nationwide offers two roadside plans: Basic ($22 to $24 per year) or you can upgrade to Plus ($42 to $44 per year) at an additional cost. With the cheapest plan potentially starting at least than $2 per month, roadside coverage through Nationwide is an affordable option.

With Nationwide, you’re covered for three to six service calls depending on your location. Each plan covers basic roadside services. Plus offers wider coverage, such as a 100-mile towing radius and a trip interruption benefit.[3]

How Does Nationwide Roadside Assistance Work?

If you’ve purchased the Basic or Plus roadside assistance plan, then you’ve unlocked 24/7 access to roadside assistance services. If you experience a mechanical breakdown, you should be able to call Nationwide to get a technician dispatched to your location. Keep in mind that Nationwide will not provide the services themself. Instead, assistance will be provided by or through Agero.[3]

How Often Can I Use Nationwide Roadside Assistance?

Nationwide's roadside assistance may cover three to six service calls per year depending on your state. After reaching your service call cap, you can still call in for service but you will need to pay out of pocket.

Can I Use My Nationwide Roadside Assistance for Someone Else?

You cannot use your Nationwide roadside assistance plan for another person. These plans follow the vehicle, not the driver.[4] For instance, Nationwide won't offer roadside assistance to your friend's vehicle if it's not listed in your auto policy.

How Long Does Nationwide Roadside Assistance Take?

The time to request roadside assistance can vary based on the type of service you request, where your car is located and other factors. For example, one Nationwide customer said that less than 20 minutes had elapsed between when they opened up the mobile app to request a locksmith and when they regained access.[3] Other services like arranging for a tow truck may require a longer wait.

What Does Nationwide Roadside Assistance Include?

At an affordable cost, USAA roadside coverage will provide access to most types of emergency services, including:[5]

  • Towing services
  • Winches if your vehicle is stuck in mud, sand, snow, water or another terrain
  • Dead battery jumpstarts
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout services
  • Flat tire changes

what does roadside assistance cover

If you upgrade your roadside plan to Plus, you’ll unlock trip interruption coverage. If you’re traveling and your car is stranded at least 100 miles from where you live, this benefit will cover transportation, hotel and meal expenses up to $500 (or $600 for Virginia policyholders). Meal and lodging expenses are capped at $100 per day for up to 72 hours after you report your vehicle’s disablement.[3]

What Isn’t Included With Nationwide Roadside Assistance?

If you need your tire to be replaced, Nationwide will not pay for the tire itself. You will need to supply the spare tire and Nationwide will cover the cost of labor for replacing the flat tire.

How Much Does Nationwide Roadside Assistance Cost?

SmartFinancial contacted Nationwide agents in several states and found that the annual cost of a Basic plan can range from $22 to $24. Upgrading your plan to Plus increases this cost to $42 to $44. This price will include coverage for three to six service calls — cost and coverage can vary by state.

How Do I Request Nationwide Roadside Assistance?

Nationwide's roadside assistance is available 24/7.[3] Whenever you're stranded on the road, you can contact the Nationwide roadside assistance phone number at 1 (800) 421-3535 or use Nationwide's mobile app to file a claim.

If you’ve already arranged for roadside services yourself and want to get reimbursed, you can send an email to tow@nationwide.com. You will need to include your service bill, vehicle year, make and model, home address, phone number and policy number. Alternatively, you can mail this information to Nationwide Claims Services at PO Box 182068, Columbus, OH 43218-2068.[6]

How Do I Add Nationwide Roadside Assistance to My Existing Policy?

Adding roadside assistance to your Nationwide auto policy is simple. You can either call a Nationwide insurance agent or log into your online portal or mobile app to add it yourself.[3] Remember: adding this coverage will increase your policy premium.

Keep in mind that roadside assistance may be referred to as “Towing and Labor” coverage in North Carolina.[3]

Pros & Cons of Nationwide Roadside Assistance




Must carry comprehensive and collision coverage

Six service calls covered in some states

Limited availability

Decent towing mileage


2 gallons of fuel covered



  • Affordable: Nationwide's roadside assistance plans cost lower than those offered by other companies. For instance, AAA memberships may start as high as $59, while the Nationwide Basic plan can start as low as $22 in some states.
  • Six service calls covered in some states: In some locations, a roadside plan may cover you for up to six service calls per year. Other companies may only cover up to three service calls.
  • Decent towing mileage: Nationwide's Basic plan offers a 15-mile radius towing service, which can help you get to the nearest repair shop or gas station. Nationwide’s roadside assistance towing coverage increases to a 100-mile radius if you upgrade to Plus.[3]
  • Two gallons of fuel covered: Insurance companies generally do not cover any of the cost of fuel but up to two gallons will be covered by Nationwide.[5]


  • Must carry comprehensive and collision coverage: At least one of your vehicles must be insured with comprehensive and collision coverage if you want to buy roadside assistance. If you have a liability-only policy would not be allowed to add roadside coverage to your policy.[5]
  • Limited availability: Nationwide does not have dedicated auto insurance pages for Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Massachusetts. As a result, you may not find roadside coverage if you live in one of these states.[7]

Nationwide vs. The Competition


Annual Cost

Service Calls

All Basic Services Covered?

Towing Coverage

Nationwide (Basic)




15 miles






Liberty Mutual








Fuel delivery not covered


Travelers (Basic)




15 miles




Winching not covered


AAA (Classic)




7 miles

*Free if you purchased collision and comprehensive coverage

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Does Nationwide offer 24/7 roadside assistance?

Yes, Nationwide customers can call for roadside assistance 24/7 if they’ve added this endorsement to their auto policy.[3]

Does Nationwide offer roadside assistance when I’m traveling?

Nationwide does not publicly post if your auto insurance or roadside coverage will follow you when driving in Canada or Mexico. Be sure to double-check with your agent.

Is Nationwide roadside assistance free?

No, Nationwide roadside assistance is not free and you will need to pay extra to include this add-on in your auto policy.


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