9 Best Roadside Assistance Plans in 2023

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The best roadside assistance companies will offer all your basic roadside services while considering your budget. A good service provider will help you replace your tire, arrange a tow, jumpstart your battery and more. Roadside plans are mostly optional but with 69 million car breakdowns occurring each year according to Agero, it’s often best to be safe than sorry.[1]

Keep reading to learn our picks for best roadside assistance plans in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • The best roadside assistance provider in 2023 will depend on what type of coverage you need, your budget and your lifestyle.
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance is ideal roadside coverage for RVs while Better World Club may be more attractive to eco-mindful drivers.
  • Allstate Pay-Per-Use provides roadside assistance on-demand without needing to purchase a membership or have an existing auto policy.
  • Roadside coverage costs can range from $22 to over $100 depending on which provider you choose.

Best Roadside Assistance Plans for 2023

For inclusion on our list of the best roadside assistance plans, service must be available in all 50 states and offer all the basic roadside services in their cheapest plan (tows, battery jump starts, spare tire replacements, lockout services, fuel delivery and winching).

  • Best for RVs: Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  • Best for Road Trips: AAA
  • Best Pay-Per-Use Option: Allstate Pay-Per-Use
  • Best for Motorcycles: Motorcycle Towing Services
  • Best for EV Drivers: Better World Club
  • Best Policy Endorsement: Nationwide Basic (Policy Add-On)
  • Best for Seniors: AARP (Facilitated by Allstate)
  • Best for AT&T Customers: AT&T
  • Best for Military Families: USAA

Best for RVs: Good Sam Roadside Assistance

We name Good Sam Roadside Assistance as the best plan for RVs but it's easily the best plan overall. Good Sam Roadside covers 100% of towing costs, whether it’s five miles or 500 miles. There is no official cap on how many service calls you can make per year (excessive service calls can get your plan canceled, however).[2]

The base plan purchases all of your basic roadside assistance plus trip interruption assistance — typically an added-cost benefit with other providers. When you experience an accident more than 100 miles from home, trip interruption coverage reimburses you up to $1,200 for meals, lodging, car rentals and more while your car is undergoing repairs.[2]

The base RV plan costs $64.95 per year, which covers both recreational and non-recreational vehicles:[2]

  • Recreational vehicles (RV)
  • Cars, vans and SUVs
  • Travel trailers
  • Toy haulers
  • Pop-up camping trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Boat trailers



100% of towing costs covered


No annual limit on service calls


Trip interruption coverage


Spouse, partner and children automatically covered at no additional cost


Best for Road Trips: AAA

AAA memberships include tons of perks for your next road trip, including tour book guides and their TripTik Travel Planner. The TripTik Travel Planner is a road trip resource for getting directions, finding gas stations, planning events and more.

Pricing varies by state and this review will consider the prices in California. The lowest-tier plan (Classic) costs $56 per year and provides basic roadside assistance services up to four times per year. Covered towing mileage is only for seven miles — slightly higher than some plans, but not phenomenal.[3]

Purchasing AAA roadside assistance opens up membership discounts on hotels, restaurants, car rentals and more. The Classic plan also includes identity theft protection, which provides daily credit monitoring and lost wallet assistance. You can also visit your local AAA branch for certain DMV services, like renewing your registration, obtaining a disabled person placard or replacing your license plates.



4 service calls per year

Only worth it if you use all the membership perks

Discounts on food, travel, hotels and more


Free identity theft protection


DMV services at local AAA branch


Best Pay-Per-Use Option: Allstate Pay-Per-Use

Drivers can request pay-per-use roadside assistance through Allstate with no need to purchase a motor club membership or have an existing Allstate auto policy. Prices are completely transparent and start at $79 for certain services:[4]

  • Tow: Starts at $119 for a five-mile tow
  • Lockout: $79
  • Fuel delivery: $79
  • Tire change: $84
  • Jumpstart: $79
  • Winching: Call for quote

To request roadside assistance, you can dial (844) 839-3138 or download the mobile app.

The starting price for a tow is $119 for a five-mile tow, which is considerable.[4] Other roadside providers on this list may charge higher membership annual fees but may offer two to four service calls per year. Using Allstate Pay-Per-Use for tows just twice a year would set you back over $200 — money that could purchase an auto club membership for at least two years.



Price transparency

Single tow is relatively expensive

No need to sign up to receive service

Consecutive breakdowns can add up in costs

Best for Motorcycles: Motorcycle Towing Services

For roadside assistance catered to motorcycles, consider Motorcycle Towing Services (MTS). The cheapest MTS plan (Deluxe) costs $55 and includes coverage for two motorcycles. Additional motorcycles can be added for $5 each. Only 1985 and newer motorcycles are eligible for coverage.[5][6]

A unique feature offered by MTS is their Emergency Service Plan (additional $75). If you add this coverage to your plan, then MTS will pay for 100% of the replacement cost of batteries, fuel pumps, throttles, brakes or clutch cables plus the cost of labor. However, this coverage would only apply if you are at least 100 miles from your home.[5]

Unfortunately, Motorcycle Towing Services would not disclose an annual limit on service calls when we contacted the company.



Motorcycle-centric service

Service call annual limit not stated

Pays 100% of replacement cost of tire, battery, throttle, brakes and more when 100 miles away from home (additional cost)

No add-on coverage for cars

Best for EV Drivers: Better World Club

Those who want to reduce their ecological footprint should consider a roadside plan with Better World Club. Hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) drivers can earn a 10% discount for the first year of their membership.[7] This roadside provider delivers 100% carbon-neutral services and donates 1% of its gross annual revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy efforts.[8][9]

The lowest-tier plan (Basic) costs $61.95 per year (or $55.76 for the first year with the 10% hybrid/EV discount). The Basic plan includes four service calls per year plus all the basic roadside services, such as tire changes, locksmith services, fuel delivery and winching. However, the covered towing distance is fairly limited, at just five miles. Upgrading your plan to Premier will boost the limit to 100 miles but at about an additional $40 per year.[10]

If you sometimes commute by bicycle, you can bundle bicycle coverage into a Basic or Premium plan for $18 per year. Bicycle Only plans cost $41.95 per year.[10]



10% discount for owners of hybrid or electric vehicles

Only 5 miles covered for tows

Dedicated to environmental advocacy


Transparent pricing


Bicycle coverage


Best Policy Endorsement: Nationwide Basic (Policy Add-On)

Allstate auto policyholders can purchase a roadside coverage endorsement for only $22 to $24 per year (potentially less than $2 per month). For this nominal fee, you have access to all your basic roadside services and an annual limit of four to six service calls. Nationwide covers towing costs up to 15 miles.[11]

This coverage is available only if you have an existing Nationwide auto policy. If you’re satisfied with your auto insurance provider, you may want to consider other roadside assistance options on this list.



Only $22-$24/year

Only for Nationwide customers

15 towing mileage is decent coverage


Best for Seniors: AARP (Facilitated by Allstate)

If you purchased a membership from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), then you may qualify for a discounted roadside assistance plan by Allstate. AARP has partnered with Allstate to deliver roadside assistance plans starting at $66 per year (then $83.04 per year on renewal) for two people.[12][13] With Allstate roadside memberships typically costing $100 or more per year after renewal without the AARP discount, this is considerable savings.[4]

The lowest-tier plan includes five service calls per year and covers all of your basic roadside service needs. When requesting a tow, the first ten miles are covered — better than some but not spectacular, either. Allstate allows you to add a second household member to the roadside assistance plan at no extra cost and coverage will extend to rental vehicles.[13]

Only U.S. citizens ages 50 and up can sign up for an AARP membership, so this opportunity will not be available to younger drivers. On top of a discounted roadside plan from Allstate, AARP members enjoy tons of discounts on restaurants, travel services and even dental, hearing and vision insurance plans. AARP membership fees start at only $16 per year.[14]



Rental cars covered

Only for drivers aged 50 years and up

Include second household member at no additional charge


AARP membership offers tons of benefits


Best for AT&T Customers: AT&T

If you were one of the 201.79 million AT&T wireless subscribers in 2021, then you may not know that AT&T roadside assistance is available to you.[15] Costing just $35.88 per year ($2.99 per month), you can have access to vehicle tows, battery jumpstarts, lockout services and more.[16]

An AT&T roadside plan includes four service calls per year, with each service event covering up to $75 in roadside service costs. For towing services, that will cover about 10 miles but can vary based on towing costs in your area. A welcome benefit of AT&T roadside assistance is that fuel delivery services will include three gallons of fuel at no additional cost — most roadside assistance requires you to cover the full cost of fuel.[17]

The device enrolled in your AT&T plan must be present at the time of service, so you would not be able to request services for friends or family members when you are not present. Also, only light-duty passenger cars and trucks are covered. You will not qualify for roadside assistance if your vehicle has more than two axles or more than four wheels.[16]



Only $2.99/month

Only for AT&T customers

Fuel delivery includes 3 gallons of fuel at no additional cost

Vehicles with more than 2 axles and 4 wheels not covered

Best for Military Families: USAA

Adding emergency roadside assistance to your existing USAA policy typically costs $18 per year. At just $1.50 per month, USAA roadside coverage is an affordable option. Actual rates, however, can vary by location.[18] Keep in mind that USAA is only for veterans, active military and their family members, as well.

USAA offers the second most generous towing coverage on this list, covering up to 50 miles.

Your plan will also include all your other basic roadside assistance services with coverage extending to rental cars (other insurers may restrict coverage to only the listed cars in your auto insurance policy). USAA does not disclose an annual limit on service calls but excessive claims can lead to roadside coverage being removed from your policy according to a USAA representative.

If you’re a USAA customer and do not purchase roadside coverage, you can still request roadside services and pay a discounted rate. USAA has negotiated special rates for their customers and you may pay less out-of-pocket than if you contacted a tow truck service directly.



Covers 50 miles for towing services

For military families only

Reduced rates without roadside coverage


Rental car coverage


What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Most roadside assistance programs will assist you with replacing spare tires, towing your vehicle, jumpstarting a dead battery or some other qualified vehicle breakdown. Here is a quick summary of what to expect:

  • Vehicle towing: A tow truck will haul your vehicle to your home or nearby repair shop. Mileage limits often apply (e.g., you’re covered for 15 miles) and you will be responsible for costs that exceed this limit.
  • Winching service: Pull your vehicle to safety when it’s stuck in dangerous terrains, such as mud, sand, snow or water. Coverage generally does not extend to off-roading incidents.
  • Battery jump-start: Have a professional sent to your location to jump-start your vehicle.
  • Fuel delivery: Arrange for gas to get delivered to your location if your tank is empty. Delivery costs are covered but you will typically pay out-of-pocket for the cost of fuel.
  • Locksmith service: A locksmith can help you access your car if you left the keys inside or if they were lost or stolen. You may be responsible for any costs associated with replacing the keys.
  • Flat tire change: If you have a spare tire on hand, get a professional to replace a flat tire for you. If you do not have a spare tire, you may need to get your car towed to a local repair shop or tire retailer.

Some roadside assistance companies offer trip interruption coverage, which reimburses you for hotel stays, rental cars and other travel expenses if a car accident or mechanical breakdown delays your trip. You will generally need to reach a certain mileage from your starting point (e.g., 100 miles) before coverage can kick in. Trip interruption coverage typically comes at an additional cost.

What Roadside Assistance Does Not Cover

Your roadside plan will not cover any expenses beyond the limits stated in your policy. For example, if your towing service limit is $75 and the tow truck bills you for $100, then you will be responsible for paying the $25 that exceeds the limit.

Many plans also have a limit on how many times you can make a service call each year. You are responsible for roadside service-related expenses after you exhaust your annual limit.

However, your roadside assistance company may offer reduced rates that can help you save on service costs.

There may also be restrictions on whether you can use your roadside assistance coverage for friends and family. Some insurers may restrict coverage to only the vehicles listed in your auto policy — this means that roadside coverage will not be available while you’re riding in a friend’s car as the passenger or the driver.

Find an Auto Policy With Roadside Assistance

What Does Roadside Assistance Cost?

The cost of roadside assistance will depend on the type of roadside plan you purchase and your location.

  • Policy endorsements: Adding roadside coverage to an existing auto policy can sometimes cost as low as $22 per year. However, your auto insurer may require you to buy collision and comprehensive coverage if you want to add a roadside assistance plan, which can further increase costs.
  • Auto clubs: The cost of purchasing an auto club membership can start at $56 based on our top picks.
  • Pay-per-use: Pay-per-use services, like those offered by Allstate Pay-Per-Use, will charge for each service event and the cost will depend on the type of service (e.g. $119 for a vehicle tow or $79 for a battery jumpstart).

Where Can I Purchase a Roadside Assistance Plan?

Most national car insurance companies, like State Farm and Allstate, offer roadside assistance plans as endorsements to existing auto policies. This is generally the cheapest option for getting roadside coverage.

Another option is to join an auto club, like AAA, Better World Club or Allstate Motor Club. Annual membership fees are generally higher than buying a policy endorsement but you may gain other benefits, like discounts on travel, restaurants and car rentals.

Pay-per-use services, like Blink or Allstate Pay-Per-Use, don’t require you to “subscribe” to a plan. Instead, you can contact the company and they will charge you based on the type of roadside service needed.


Is roadside assistance worth it?

Having roadside assistance may help you drive with peace of mind and save on costs when requesting roadside services after your vehicle breaks down. If you have a used car, it’s often wise to have it.

Are there free roadside assistance plans?

Roadside plans are generally not free and there will be some cost when requesting a roadside dispatch. However, roadside assistance is sometimes included in new vehicle warranties or even as a benefit when opening a credit card for certain credit card companies.

Are all roadside assistance plans 24/7?

Roadside assistance plans are generally 24/7 and you will be able to request a roadside dispatch at any time you call your provider.

Does using your roadside assistance increase your premium?

Roadside assistance will increase your premium if you are purchasing it as an optional endorsement and adding it to your existing auto policy.


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