Everything You Need To Know About Travelers Roadside Assistance

Every year, one in three drivers will experience a vehicle breakdown in the United States.

An affordable roadside assistance plan, like Travelers’, can get you back on the road quickly after a vehicle disablement. Travelers Basic and Premier roadside assistance plans include critical services such as towing, locksmith services, fuel deliveries and more.

Thinking about getting a Travelers car insurance or roadside assistance policy? Our Travelers roadside assistance review can answer any questions you may have about this coverage.


Travelers Basic Roadside Assistance Plan

Travelers Premier Roadside Assistance Plan


All 50 States

All 50 States

Service Calls

4 every six months

4 every six months


15-mile towing radius

100-mile towing radius

Battery jump-starts



Flat tire change









On-scene labor



Trip interruption coverage



Personal property coverage




1 (800) CLAIM 33 (800) 252-4633 (personal car roadside assistance), select option 3

1 (800) 842-5075 customer service


Mobile App

Our Thoughts on Travelers Roadside Assistance

Travelers Insurance sells two roadside assistance coverage plans: Basic and Premier Roadside Assistance plans. Both plans offer all the basic roadside assistance services such as towing, battery jump-starts, fuel deliveries, flat-tire changes, locksmith services and more.

Travelers' Premier roadside assistance plan provides an extended towing radius up to 100 miles.

The Basic roadside assistance coverage offers a towing radius of 15 miles, and its Premier roadside assistance plan provides an extended towing radius up to 100 miles. Under the Premier plan, you’ll also receive other perks such as trip interruption coverage (for a vehicle disablement over 100 miles from home) and personal property coverage.

You must have Travelers collision or comprehensive coverage (on at least one vehicle) before you can purchase a Travelers Roadside Assistance plan.


Auto Policy

Basic Roadside Assistance**

Premier Roadside Assistance Premier**

Total Costs (Auto Premium + Roadside Assistance)**



Quote-based ($12 average)

Quote-based ($20 average)




Quote-based ($12 average)

Quote-based ($20 average)




Quote-based ($12 average)

Quote-based ($20 average)

$2,157.72 - $2,165.72

*Source: SmartFinancial

**Average cost, which varies by state

Travelers insurance offers roadside assistance plans on a quote basis. You can add a Travelers basic Roadside Assistance plan to your car insurance policy for $12 and a Premier Roadside Assistance Plan for $20 on average.

SmartFinancial has found the average monthly premium for a Travelers car insurance policy is $178.81 nationwide. Based on this amount, the average total monthly cost for Travelers car insurance and its Basic or Premier Roadside Assistance plan may cost between $190.81 - $198.81 per month.

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Travelers Roadside Assistance

What’s Included

What’s NOT Included

Towing service

Services beyond your limit

Flat-tire changes

Vehicles not covered under your policy

Fuel deliveries

Battery jump-starts

Lockout services


On-scene labor

Personal property coverage

Trip interruption coverage

What’s Included?

  • Towing services: When you have a vehicle breakdown, Travelers will dispatch a tow operator to your location. You’ll get a 15-mile towing radius under Travelers Basic roadside assistance coverage plan and a 100-mile radius under its Premier roadside assistance plan.
  • Flat tire changes: Both Travelers roadside assistance plans include flat tire changes. Travelers insurance will send a service provider to switch out your damaged tire with a spare.
  • Fuel deliveries: Travelers insurance will send a technician to your area to deliver fuel when you run out. You must pay for the cost of fuel.
  • Battery jump-start: If your battery doesn’t start, Travelers will send a technician to restart your car.
  • Lockout services: Travelers roadside assistance will send a locksmith to open your car’s doors if you lock your keys inside. You’ll also receive replacements for broken or lost keys (you must pay to replace keys).
  • Winching/extrication: Winching is required to pull a stuck vehicle out of terrains, such as sand, snow, mud or water. Travelers Insurance offers winching and extrication under its Basic and Premier roadside assistance plans.
  • On-scene labor: Travelers will dispatch a technician to your location to provide vehicle roadside services. You must pay for all costs for parts, fuels or materials.
  • Personal property coverage: Under Travelers’ premier roadside assistance plan, you’ll receive $500 of coverage for damaged or stolen personal property as part of a comprehensive, collision or glass claim.
  • Trip interruption coverage: If your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from home, you’ll receive a trip interruption reimbursement under Travelers’ Premier Roadside Assistance plan. Travelers will pay $200 each day for lodging, meals and other expenses up to the maximum limit of $600.

With the Premier plan, you’ll receive $500 of coverage for damaged or stolen personal property as part of a comprehensive, collision or glass claim.

What’s NOT Included?

  • Service beyond your limits: You won’t receive coverage for costs that exceed the limit of your Travelers roadside insurance policy. For instance, Travelers Basic Roadside Insurance Plan has a 15-mile towing radius. If the towing distance exceeds your plan, you’ll have to pay for any extra fees out of pocket. For details, reference your Travelers plan.
  • Coverage for vehicles not listed on your policy: Travelers roadside assistance plans follow the vehicle, not the person. You can’t use your Travelers roadside assistance plan to help out a friend whose engine won’t start.

How To Request Travelers Roadside Services

Travelers Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 to Basic or Premier roadside assistance plan customers. Call (800) 252-4633 for immediate assistance if you have a mechanical breakdown. You can also submit a claim for roadside assistance online or through Traveler’s mobile app.

Travelers Insurance will immediately dispatch a technician to refuel your vehicle, jump-start a dead battery or change a flat tire. Neither the Basic nor Premier roadside assistance plans cover the cost of supplies, replacement parts, keys and labor. Mileage and distance limits apply.

How To Add Travelers Roadside Assistance

You can easily add roadside assistance to your Travelers car insurance plan by signing in to your account using Travelers’ online portal or mobile app.

Additionally, you can speak with your local Travelers insurance agent or the customer service department at 1 (800) 842-5075 to add this coverage. Remember, your roadside assistance may not be available immediately.

Pros and Cons




Doesn’t cover services past your policy’s limit

All the basic roadside services

No services for vehicles not listed on your policy

Good towing radius

Must purchase comprehensive or collision coverage to buy a Travelers roadside assistance plan

Trip interruption coverage (Premier)

Personal property coverage (Premier)

More service calls than others


  • Affordable: Travelers' roadside assistance plans are affordable. For instance, national towing costs $109 on average. Travelers Insurance sells its Basic roadside assistance plan for $12 and its Premier plan for $20 annually. You'll receive other roadside assistance services such as flat tire changes, winching services and more.
  • All the basic services: Both Travelers roadside assistance and Premier roadside assistance plans provide services, such as towing, fuel deliveries, flat-tire changes, battery jump-starts and winching services.
  • Good towing radius: You’ll receive a 15-mile towing radius under Travelers’ Basic roadside assistance plan and a 100-mile radius for the Premier roadside assistance package.
  • Trip interruption coverage: Travelers insurance provides a trip interruption reimbursement when a vehicle disablement occurs over 100 miles from your primary residence. You’ll receive $200 per day up to a maximum of $600 for hotel expenses, meals and alternate transportation. Travelers trip interruption insurance is only available under its Premier Roadside Assistance package.
  • Personal property coverage: Travelers insurance provides coverage for personal property under its Premier roadside assistance package. You’ll receive coverage for damaged or stolen property, including portable stereos, as part of a comprehensive, collision or glass claim.

Travelers' Basic roadside assistance coverage offers a towing radius of 15 miles.


  • Doesn’t cover services beyond your coverage limit: Travelers’ roadside assistance plans don’t pay for services that exceed your plan’s coverage limits. For instance, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for any extra miles that exceed the Basic plan’s 15-mile radius or the 100-mile radius with the Premier plan.
  • No services for vehicles not listed on your plan: Travelers roadside assistance follow the vehicle, not the person. So, you can’t use your plan for automobiles that aren’t listed in your policy. For example, you can’t get roadside assistance coverage for a friend’s car that breaks down.
  • Must purchase comprehensive or collision coverage to buy a Travelers roadside assistance plan: Travelers Insurance only allows customers with comprehensive and collision insurance to buy the Basic or Premier roadside assistance plans.

Travelers Roadside Assistance FAQs

How much is Travelers roadside assistance each month?

Travelers Roadside Assistance programs are quote-based, so the price will vary based on your vehicle’s age and other factors. On average, you can purchase a Basic plan for $12 and a Premier plan for $20.

Can I use my Travelers roadside assistance for someone else?

No, Travelers roadside assistance services are only available for automobiles listed on your policy, and these plans follow the vehicles, not the drivers.

Do I have Travelers roadside assistance?

You can check whether you have a Travelers roadside assistance plan by contacting your local agent directly from the MyTravelers mobile app. You can also view, manage or update your auto insurance policy online.

How often can I use Travelers roadside assistance?

Travelers allows four service calls every six months with the Basic and Premier roadside assistance plans. Making excessive roadside claims can increase your insurance premiums.

How do I get reimbursed for a tow?

Call 1 (800) 252-4633 to request a towing reimbursement. You’ll need to provide copies of all receipts, invoices and other documentation.

Get Affordable Roadside Assistance Coverage for Your Vehicle

Travelers roadside assistance plans can help if you have a vehicle disablement. You'll receive critical roadside services such as towing, winching, flat tire changes and fuel deliveries. To fully protect your vehicle, you should also consider auto insurance coverages, such as collision and comprehensive, which cover repairs after an accident occurs.

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