Everything You Need To Know About Farmers Roadside Assistance

If you own an automobile, buying a roadside assistance plan can help you save time and money. One in three drivers has a roadside emergency, so it's wise to be prepared.

Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance plan can help put your mind at ease. Its standard plan includes emergency towing, fuel deliveries and other basic roadside services.

Our Farmers roadside assistance review will answer your most pressing questions.

Farmers Roadside Assistance Program Overview

Standard Plan*


Available in 42 states


$12 - $36 (Depending on location)

Service Calls


Tow truck

Provides up to $150 in towing expenses, except in Texas The Lone Star state offers two plans with towing limits of $80 and $120.

Battery Jump-Start


Flat Tire


Fuel Delivery


On-Scene Labor




Trip Interruption Service

Not Offered

Contact Information:

  • Customer Service: (888) 327-6335

  • Roadside Assistance: (800) 435-7764

  • online

  • mobile app

Source: Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance site and Mobile App

Our Thoughts on Farmers Roadside Assistance

If your car stops working while you're driving, you'll need help to get you back on the road quickly. Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance provides immediate relief for stranded drivers whose automobiles require emergency service.

Farmers Insurance sells its Towing and Roadside Assistance plan as an optional endorsement that costs $1.90 per month.

Farmers Insurance sells its Towing and Roadside Assistance plan as an optional endorsement that costs $1.90 per month.

Farmers' price is more affordable than State Farm's basic plan, which costs $48 per year. Farmers Insurance Towing and Roadside Service plan includes coverage for towing expenses (up to $150), flat-tire changes, fuel deliveries and battery jump-starts.

You can request Farmers roadside assistance by calling 1(800) 435-7764, through its mobile app or online portal.

Farmers Roadside Assistance Cost


Auto Policy











Source: SmartFinancial

Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance plan is only available as an optional endorsement that costs $1.90 per month, or $23 per year.

You can sign up for roadside assistance using Farmers Insurance's website or mobile app. Additionally, you can contact its customer service number at (888) 327-6335. According to Farmers, changes to car insurance policies take effect immediately.

What's Included and What's Not Included?

What's Included?

What's Not Included?

Three service calls per year

Services that exceed your policy's limit

Vehicle towing (up to $150 per incident)

Mechanical labor

Flat-tire changes

Trip interruption service

Battery jump-starts

Fuel delivery services (up to two gallons) 

Locksmith services


What's Included?

  • Three service calls per year: Farmers Towing and Roadside service only covers three service calls per year.

  • Vehicle towing:  Farmers Insurance only covers the first $150 in towing expenses, which can help you get to the nearest repair shop. You'll have to pay the rest if your towing costs exceed this amount.

  • Flat-tire changes:  You'll get complimentary changes for flat tires under Farmer's roadside service plan but you'll have to supply the tire.

  • Battery jump-start service: If your vehicle doesn't start, Farmers roadside assistance will send a contractor to jump-start your car's dead battery. New batteries are not included.

  • Fuel delivery: A contractor will come to your location with two gallons of gas to get your vehicle to a nearby gas station.

  • Lockout service: Farmers will send a service provider to your location if you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle.

  • Winching/extrication: This service helps to move your vehicle when it's stuck. You'll have to pay extra if it takes more than one contractor to free your car.

What's Not Included?

  • Fixes for underlying issues:  Your roadside assistance plan doesn't cover fixes for underlying mechanical issues.  For instance, your plan will pay for towing to the nearest repair shop, but it won't cover your repair costs.

  • Services beyond your claim limit: Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance caps claim limits at $150. If services exceed your claim's limit, you'll pay out of pocket.

  • Roadside services for friends and family members: Farmers Towing and Roadside Service plans only cover cars listed in your policy. These plans follow the vehicle, not the person, so, you can't use your roadside assistance for another person's vehicle under this plan.

Affordable Insurance with Roadside Assistance Plan

How To Request Farmers Roadside Assistance Services

If you're stranded, call Farmers Roadside assistance number at 1 (800) 435-7764 to get help. You can also request services online or through the mobile app.

Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance will verify your vehicle and policy information first, before sending out a service provider.

How To Add Farmers Roadside Assistance to Your Policy

You don't have to wait until your policy renews to get roadside assistance. Farmers Insurance allows its members to add coverages at any time throughout the year.

To get help, you may contact Farmers Roadside Service at (800) 435-7764. You can also add roadside assistance by logging into your online account or Farmers' mobile app.  According to Farmers, all policy changes take effect immediately.

Pros and Cons of Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance Plans




No fixes for underlying mechanical issues

Available in 42 states 

Roadside assistance plans limited to current customers

Includes most basic services

Doesn't include a trip interruption benefit

No exclusions from coverage based on your policy

Towing services 

Covers three service calls per year (depending on location)


  • Affordable: You'll only pay $23 annually ($1.90 per month) for Farmers Towing and Roadside Service. Its plan is cheaper than those offered by State Farm, whose roadside assistance plan costs $48.

  • Available in 42 states: Its roadside assistance program is available in 42 states.

  • Includes most basic services: Farmers roadside assistance plan includes many of the basic services, such as towing, flat-tire changes and locksmiths.

  • No exclusions from coverage based on your policy: You can purchase a roadside assistance plan as an optional endorsement on your existing Farmers Insurance policy. Farmers doesn't require you to buy comprehensive or collision coverage for roadside service.

  • Towing services: Farmers plan covers up to $150 in towing services. You'll need to provide a location for where you want your vehicle towed. If you don't have a repair shop in mind, a Farmers Roadside Support person will assist you.

  • Covers three service calls per year: Farmers Insurance offers coverage for three roadside service calls per year.


  • No fixes for underlying mechanical issues: Your Farmers roadside assistance plan won't cover repairs for underlying mechanical failures. For instance, this plan will cover your towing expenses, but not your repair costs or parts.

  • Roadside assistance plans are limited to current customers: You may only purchase Farmers roadside assistance as an endorsement on top of your existing car insurance plan.

  • Doesn't include trip interruption benefit: Farmers won't reimburse you for hotels, meals or other expenses incurred after your vehicle's breakdown.

Farmers Towing and Roadside Service vs. the Competition


Nationwide (Basic)


State Farm












up to $150*

Up to 15 miles***

Up to $100**

Nearest/no limit



Up to $100** 

Up to $100**

Free if from road




Up to $100**

1 hour

On-Site Mechanical Adjustment



Up to $100**

1 hour

Fuel Delivery

Yes (2 gallons)

Yes (2 gallons) 



Jump Start





Flat Tire Service





*Covers towing services up to $150, except in Texas. The Lone Star State offers two towing plans for $80 and $120 miles (the maximum allowed under Texas state law).
**Covers towing, extrication or locksmith services up to $100.
***Based on Georgia

Farmer Towing and Roadside Assistance plan doesn’t cover vehicles that are not listed on the policy.

Farmers Roadside Assistance FAQs

How much does Farmers Roadside Assistance cost?

You'll only pay $23.20 per year (or $1.90 per month) for a Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance on top of your existing Farmers car insurance.

Can I use my Farmers Roadside Assistance plan for someone else?

Farmers Towing and Roadside Assistance plan doesn't cover vehicles that are not listed on the policy. This coverage follows the vehicle, not the driver. For example, you won't be able to call roadside assistance for a friend whose car stops working.

Do I have a Farmers Roadside Assistance plan?

You can contact Farmers' customer service line at (888) 327-6335 to see if you have a roadside assistance plan. Additionally, you can log into your Farmers account online or using its mobile app.

How often can I use Farmers Roadside Assistance?

Farmers limits the number of roadside service calls to three per year. Check your declarations page to learn what your plan covers. Speak with your local Farmers insurance agent to learn about your policy's limits.

How can I get reimbursed for towing?

Farmers Insurance requires its policyholders to file a claim to receive a reimbursement for towing or roadside assistance. First, report your claim online and submit the following information: First and last name, Policy number and claim number, Phone number, Date of service, Vehicle year, make and model. You may send in your documentation using the following methods Email: and Fax: (877) 217-1389

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