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Homeowners in Michigan pay $743.16 per year, on average, for homeowners insurance — well below the national average of $1,213.89 per year. But price isn't the only factor to consider when choosing a homeowners insurance company. SmartFinancial analyzed third-party customer satisfaction scores and rates from more than 16 insurance companies to help you choose the best homeowners insurance in Michigan.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Michigan

When choosing our top picks for home insurance in Michigan, SmartFinancial considered insurance rates, third-party scores and customer satisfaction. All rates referenced below are based on over 10,000 quotes from multiple insurance companies for a home with $250,000 dwelling coverage.


Best for


Auto-Owners Insurance

Best for cheapest rates


State Farm

Best for customer satisfaction



Best for high-value homes



Best for military families


*Companies were chosen based on reviews and JD Power scores out of 1,000.

Homeowners in Michigan pay $743.16 per year, on average, for homeowners insurance.

Best for Cheapest Rates: Auto-Owners Insurance

Based on our research, Auto-Owners Insurance Company offered the cheapest rates — among the lowest we've seen nationwide. Costing $242.32 per year ($20.19 per month), homeowners pay 67% below the statewide average ($743.16). Auto-Owners also offers several homeowners insurance discounts, including bundling with another policy, installing security features (e.g., deadbolt locks, smoke detectors) and more.

Best for Customer Satisfaction: State Farm

Among the national home insurance providers, State Farm continues to stand out with its easy online services, extensive coverages and impeccable customer service. J.D. Power rated State Farm among the top five for overall customer satisfaction ratings in a 2021 homeowners insurance study. This is despite State Farm costing, on average, $1,685.42 per year, which is higher than the state average. The carrier's third-party scores and reviews indicate that policyholders are satisfied with the service they receive for the price they pay.

  • Discounts: Bundle with another policy; home security systems; impact-resistant roofing

Best for High-Value Homes: Chubb

If you possess expensive valuables, then Chubb can be a suitable insurance option for you. Chubb customers can expect to pay, on average, $1,503.64 per year. It's clear Chubb serves a high net worth market, offering coverage for valuable articles (e.g., family heirlooms), art collections, jewelry and more. With their Masterpiece policy, homeowners will get a complimentary home appraisal, in which a professional consultant will assess your property and belongings to more accurately estimate the actual coverage you'll need.

  • Discounts: Bundle with another policy; security features; new or renovated house

Best for Military Families: USAA

Costing $1,581.67 per year, USAA is a popular choice for home insurance among military families. USAA received a score of 882, the highest-ranking company on J.D. Power's 2021 home insurance study (although, it did not qualify due to its restrictive target market). Military families do pay more than the statewide average but also receive military-specific coverages. USAA customers, for example, enjoy coverage in warzones and waived insurance deductibles on uniforms and equipment that are damaged from a covered homeowners insurance claim while you're on active duty.

  • Discounts: Bundle with auto; home security systems; claims-free history

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Michigan

Homeowners insurance costs, on average, $743.16 per year for a home with a $250,000 dwelling value. The actual price you will pay, however, can differ based on your carrier, dwelling coverage and county. The average figures noted below should be used only for comparison purposes.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Michigan

SmartFinancial collected over 10,000 quotes from 16 insurance companies and found that 44% carried average annual home insurance premiums of less than $1,500. On the most affordable end was Auto-Owners Insurance, costing only $242.32 per year. As mentioned, this is 67% below the state average and among the lowest rates that we've ever seen.

On the highest end was Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan, costing $5,307.28 per year — more than triple the statewide average.


Average Annual Premium

Auto-Owners Insurance




Frankenmuth Mutual


Hastings Mutual Insurance 


Pioneer State Mutual Insurance


Auto Club Group


Wolverine Mutual




Cincinnati Insurance






State Farm




Pure Companies Group


Hanover Insurance Group


Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan


Average Cost by Dwelling Value

SmartFinancial compiled quotes for homes with dwelling values of $150,000, $250,00, $350,000 and $450,000. At $150,000 dwelling coverage, homeowners can expect to pay $524.98 per year, on average. The price increases to $1,229.95 for $450,000 dwelling coverage.

Note: Dwelling value refers to the rebuild cost of your home, not its fair market value. You'll often see that dwelling value is lower than its current selling price because it does not always consider the price of the underlying land.

average annual premium by dwelling value for michigan

Average Cost by County

Home insurance rates can change based on your rate, as some areas may be at higher risk of natural disasters (e.g., wildfires, floods), burglaries and more. The scope of our research extended to 70 counties and found that average premiums were generally under $1,200. Livingston county offered the cheapest rates at $569.24 per year while Wayne county paid the highest insurance rates, on average, at $1,026.80 per year.

Note: Our research covered only 70 out of the 83 counties in Michigan. The average premiums of counties not included below could fall outside the premium ranges we've found.


Average Annual Premium

















































Grand Traverse




































































Presque Isle






Saint Clair


Saint Joseph








Van Buren








Compare Home Insurance Rates in Michigan

Homeowners Insurance in Michigan

Under most homeowners insurance policies, your home and personal property are covered against several types of perils, such as wildfires, windstorms, theft and more. Earthquakes and floods, however, typically are not included and you'd need to purchase a standalone policy or an insurance rider to gain the additional coverage.

State Farm continues to stand out with its easy online services, extensive coverages and impeccable customer service.

We've summarized the most common home insurance coverage options below, as well as some optional coverages you may want to purchase.




If your home is damaged or totaled under a covered claim (e.g., fire, windstorm), this coverage pays for the repair or rebuild costs.

Additional structures

Covers certain structures other than the structure of your actual dwelling, such as fences, detached garages and sheds.

Personal property

Your personal belongings are covered if they're damaged or lost due to a covered claim. Most personal property coverage policies will reimburse you at actual cash value (the item's value, minus depreciation) up to the coverage limits.

Personal liability

Liability coverage kicks in to cover legal expenses if somebody sues you after suffering bodily injury, property damage or loss while on your property.

Medical payments (for others)

Optional coverage that covers medical expenses of somebody who suffered injuries while on your property.

Loss of use

Covers daily additional living expenses if you're ever displaced from your home (e.g., your home was totaled after a tornado). Eligible expenses that are covered can include hotel bills, meals and more.


Pays for repairs for tornado-related damages. Tornadoes are typically covered under windstorms in your homeowners policy, but you'll want to double-check coverage with your insurance carrier

Flood damage (separate policy)

Pays for repairs for flood-related damages. Flood insurance is not included with a standard homeowners insurance policy and you will likely need to purchase a separate policy.

What Michigan Homeowners Need to Know

As a homeowner, you'll want to know what perils you're most exposed to in your area. In Michigan, specifically, homeowners are particularly vulnerable to wildfires, floods and occasional tornadoes.


Firefighters are dispatched to respond to 10,000 to 12,000 wildfires each year in Michigan. Nearly half of wildfires are due to dead and highly flammable vegetation paired with dry and windy days. Fortunately, fire damage is covered under basic homeowners insurance. Still, you'll want to double-check your insurance coverage with your carrier — especially if you live in rural and forest areas that may not have a firefighting team nearby.


Michigan experiences an average of 15 tornadoes per year. While this is not as frequent as in other states, homeowners are still vulnerable to the potential wreckage (and subsequent costs) if one occurs in their area. Tornadoes are typically covered under the "windstorms" in a standard homeowners insurance policy, but you'll still want to double-check coverage with your homeowners insurance company.


Depending on your home's location, you can be vulnerable to flooding. The Detroit Flood of 2014 recorded 4.57 inches, the largest 24-hour rainfall recorded since 1925, resulting in at least $1.8 billion in damages. The Detroit metropolitan area and surrounding communities experienced four to six inches of rain, with Wayne, Southern Oakland and Macomb counties facing the worst flooding.

How To Find Home Insurance in Michigan

The best way to find a home insurance policy that fits your needs and budget is to compare national and regional homeowners insurance providers. Many of the homeowners insurance companies listed above are popular national carriers, known for their name-brand recognition and necessary financial strength to pay out insurance claims.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance policies are available by purchasing a private policy through your insurance carrier or a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)-approved licensed insurance agent. The federal government establishes the rates and the costs will not vary among different NFIP agents. Keep in mind that it will take 30 days for your insurance coverage to kick in.

Michigan Home Insurance FAQs

What is the average homeowners insurance cost in Michigan?

Homeowners insurance in Michigan, costs, on average, $743.16 per year, for a home with a $250,000 dwelling value. This is 39% below the national average of $1,213.89. Keep in mind that the actual cost can vary by your insurance company, dwelling value, county and other factors.

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Michigan?

Auto-Owners Insurance was the cheapest homeowners insurance company in Michigan, costing, on average, $242.32 per year. The next most affordable option was $572.95 per year from Westfield Insurance. These rates are based on a home with a $250,000 dwelling value.

Do you need homeowners insurance in Michigan?

Unlike car insurance, there is no official law requiring homeowners to carry homeowners insurance. However, if you are financing your home with a mortgage loan, your lender may require you to show proof of insurance before the loan is closed. Even if your home is fully paid off, it can still be worth getting home insurance to protect your home and property when damaged or lost under a covered claim.

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