Triple A Towing: Is it Really the Best Option?

Triple A towing, it's what comes to mind when we need a tow truck, even when we're not members of the American Automobile Association (AAA). If you've ever had a dead battery or a flat, chances are that someone will tell you to call AAA. But roadside assistance from AAA is not your only option. These days, most carriers have a roadside assistance coverage option and they pay less than AAA members. However, Triple A offers more services than you'd think Let's take a look at what your options and discounts are as an AAA member.

Triple A Towing -- Is That All They Do?

If you Google "Triple A Towing" you will be asked for a zip code and then you'll be redirected to another AAA club website, one that supports a local AAA club. When we typed in a zipcode, we came to page that answered our initial question, and the answer was "AAA Roadside Assistance is towing and so much more." 

But let's not skip over the most common roadside assistance, which is a need many drivers will have at one time or another. AAA towing will deliver your vehicle to a repair shop, the nearest gas station, even home or wherever you ask them to take the vehicle. You can also get a tire change, if you have a spare tire, or get a jump start or new battery and more.

AAA Roadside Assistance: Fuel Delivery and More

After needing a tow, the second biggest roadside service request is for a jump start or a dead battery. AAA towing will test your battery at no charge and jump-start or replace it if you that's what you need to keep moving. Sometimes, it's not a great idea to jump a dead battery, and a technician will replace the old battery with a new one and recycle the dead battery.

If you get a flat tire, like many drivers do, AAA emergency roadside can replace the flat tire with a spare or otherwise take the vehicle to a shop where you can buy one. You can even be towed home if you prefer.

If you have a lockout, a technician will help you or AAA will help pay for locksmith services. If you're wondering, 

The most responsible driver runs out of fuel. If it happens to member, AAA roadside assistance will bring them enough to get you to a gas station. This can be life-saving service, because a service provider will find you no matter where you are.

If your vehicle breaks down, a technician from AAA roadside assistance will be sent out to get your vehicle back on the road if it's a minor repair. Otherwise, you can be towed to a location of your choice. Keep in mind that you'll get 10% off parts and labor if you get towed to an AAA-approved auto repair facility or an AAA Car Care Center.

The great news is that you can get locksmith assistance and emergency fuel delivery for RVs and motorcycles if you're a AAA member. For an additional fee, you can also get towing, extrication and winching and RV tire change. Your coverage includes up to $500 towards a service call and up to $1,000 per household per year with membership. This is why retired seniors traveling the country use AAA. 

How Do I Get Help from AAA?

The website even has a virtual assistant you can chat with if you prefer not to read or need help quickly. And you have the option to start the membership process with a click of a button. You can also bypass registration and click on "Get help now," which we assume is a service for drivers who already have a AAA membership. 

The virtual assistant claims that you can make a request in less than 4 minutes. There is also a separate option to download the Triple A app, with directions on how to download via texting. But you can also call and receive service as long as you have a photo ID at the time of service. You can always access your membership card on the AAA app. 

What if I'm Far From Home: Will AAA Tow My Car?

You have to be careful if you have the standard AAA service, which only covers 7 miles for roadside assistance. It's a better idea to upgrade to the 100 mile option if you're an AAA member. What are the chances that you'll only need a tow near your home? It's only a little more expensive to go for the tull 100 miles. 

Are Other Roadside Assistance Plans as Good as AAA?

Most auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance for a small fee. Buying roadside assistance from any company will give you peace of mind when you're on the road. Most offer just about the same services as AAA. Things to look for in a plan include 24/7 customer service and assistance wherever you are. The great thing about AAA roadside assistance is that they have branches all over the country, so you're covered where you go. In addition to the services they offer, Triple A auto also guarantees driver safety and prioritizes calls from unsafe locations to help people get out of danger as quickly as possible. 

Whereas with an insurance company you may get good roadside assistance services, with AAA, you also get discounts at stores, movie shops, gas stations and more. Your AAA mobile app will help you determine where you can find savings, including certain hotel stays. The AAA card is most important, and you can access a digital card via the AAA mobile app. It's pretty hard to get service without it so guard it as you would a credit or debit card or keep your cell phone handy.

How Much Does a AAA Membership Cost

Depending on where you live, membership to Triple A's services are between $49 and $77 a year, with Colorado being the most expensive while Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin enjoy the flat $49 rate for roadside assistance. 

How Much Does AAA Roadside Charge for Towing?

AAA Plus members can receive free lock-out assistance and tow for up to 100 miles. Premier members get 24-hour concierge service. A service provider will add a per-mile charge in excess of those covered. AAA Members in all states can take advantage of this service, but cost of plans vary in each state and range from $49 to $130 for full services.  

Does AAA Unlock Your Car for Free? 

If the roadside assistance you need can be taken care of right away, it's free with AAA membership. So, the answer to this question varies because a lockout sometimes needs a more specialized service than AAA roadside provides. If you're a member, AAA will absorb much of the cost of a lockout that requires a third party.

Find Affordable Insurance with Roadside Assistance

AAA Auto Insurance

In addition to emergency roadside assistance, AAA offers auto insurance in all 50 states. As you can see, towing service is only one of many services you can get through a membership. You can get a quote for car insurance from AAA directly or you can compare auto insurance rates from multiple carriers to find the best match by using SmartFinancial's app, on desktop or mobile. You can also call this phone number: 855-214-2291. 

Just because you're an AAA member does not mean that AAA will offer you the lowest rates or the most comprehensive coverage. Yes, they cover home, condo, renters and life insurance but if you need business insurance there may be a better match for you. Or, if you're bundling home and auto, or you have multiple vehicles, another insurer may offer you a better package at a better value or new car replacement. Besides, not all vehicles are rated the same, so it's worth a try to see if you can save money with the best discounts from a top-rated company. 

You really never know what's out there until you compare the service and costs of several carriers. For instance, if service is important to you, one insurer may be top-notch in customer service while another has really low rates but lacks in the area of service. Triple A is good insurance, but SmartFinancial matches you with the best fit based on what matters to you. To start just enter your zip code below. Your location doesn't matter; SmartFinancial partners with insurance companies, big and small, to custom-fit your needs and budget restraints. If roadside service is a priority for you, there are dozens of insurers that offer competitive rates for roadside service.

How Much is AAA Auto Insurance?

Rates from one state to the next. In California, where car insurance is not cheap, AAA's auto insurance rates were close to the state average, about $158, just shy of $1900 a year for full coverage for one vehicle. That's why it's important to compare rates.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Roadside Assistance from Other Companies? 

Some companies, like Nationwide and State Farm will offer you roadside assistance for less than $5 a month, but others like the General may charge much more. Prices range from one driver to another with some carriers, and Esurance offers free roadside assistance with full coverage or pay-per-use car insurance. USAA charges $12 per month but it's for military family members. Again, you can scour all the details to see which insurer will give you the best value, or you can let SmartFinancial do the work for you. Just enter your zip code below to get started or you can call this phone number: 855-214-2291. The service is completely free and you're not obligated to buy anything.

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