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AAA is a nationwide, privately held not-for-profit driver association that is mostly known for its towing services and roadside assistance benefits. AAA uses a tiered-membership structure and the cheapest plan covers only three to five miles of towing — quite limited when compared to other roadside assistance providers. Upgrading your membership increases the number of covered miles and you get four dispatch calls annually across all tiers.

Although Triple A towing coverage may leave some drivers wanting more, AAA memberships include tons of perks, like discounts and travel resources.

How Does Triple A Towing Work?

To arrange a towing dispatch, you can call the 24/7 support number printed on your AAA membership card — always carry this with you and save the number in your phone. The call agent will ask for your benefits number and details of your emergency. If you’re in a dangerous spot, remain in your car.

AAA towing will tow your vehicle to your house, a gas station, an AAA-approved repair shop, or any other location. If the location’s distance exceeds the covered towing mileage in your membership tier, you will be charged for the difference.

If you do not have a AAA membership but need a tow, you can still call to sign up for an annual membership and arrange for a tow truck dispatch to your location.

Does AAA Provide Free Towing?

An AAA membership will include towing services up to four times each year. The mileage coverage will increase with each membership tier you upgrade.

How Far Will They Tow?

Your membership tier determines the number of towing miles that AAA will cover. A Classic membership — the cheapest membership tier — will include coverage for three to five miles of towing. You are responsible for paying any costs that exceed the coverage in your AAA membership.

Membership Tier

Covered Towing Mileage*


5 miles


100 miles


Up to 200 miles on one tow per household, per year

Up to 100 miles on subsequent tows

*Can vary by region

Are You Limited to a Number of Tows With AAA?

All AAA membership tiers include four service calls total per year, which can be used for tows, winching and other roadside services.

AAA Towing vs. Competitors

The number of towing miles that AAA covers is quite limited when compared to other roadside assistance providers. Nationwide and Travelers, for example, cover up to 15 miles, while USAA covers up to 50 miles — that’s 10 times more miles than AAA.


Covered Towing Mileage (Basic Plan)


50 miles


Up to 15 miles


Up to 15 miles


Up to 5 miles


Up to $150

State Farm

Nearest repair shop (mileage not specified)

How Much Is a AAA Membership?

AAA membership prices are highly based on region so you will need to visit your AAA’s local or online branch to confirm membership prices. AAA memberships generally cost around $59 a year, but the price may vary based on your region.

Starting plans are generally most expensive in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, Nebraska. Wisconsin consumers enjoy a $49 flat rate. Viewing your AAA’s local or online branch will help you confirm membership prices in your area.

AAA uses a tiered membership system that allows members to enjoy additional benefits by paying extra to upgrade their membership.

Membership costs will also consider the number of drivers and cars on the plan.  The sample membership costs are for a single driver in California with one car.

Membership Tier

Annual Cost


$59.99 + $20 admission fee

AAA Plus

$87 + $20 admission fee

AAA Premier

$115 + $20 admission fee

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How Do I Get Triple A Towing Services?

With a network of 32 motor clubs, 1,000 branches and 7,000 approved repair shops nationwide, you will likely find an AAA provider in your area. You can request AAA towing services by calling the number on your card or submitting a roadside request online or through the AAA mobile app.

Let the agent know that your vehicle needs to be towed to a certain location. If the location exceeds the miles on your membership tier, you will have to pay the difference.

AAA Roadside Assistance

AAA roadside assistance includes more than just tows — drivers can request emergency services for winching, tire replacement, fuel delivery, locksmith services and more.

Roadside Service





Up to 5 miles, 4 times a year

Up to 100 miles

Up to 200 miles

Jumpstart or Battery Replacement





One service per year

Two services per year

Two services per year

Rental Car 


Discounts plus car-class upgrades

Complimentary midsize rental car

Flat Tire 





$50 refund for locksmith services

$100 refund for locksmith services

$150 refund for locksmith services

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery if you run out of gas

Fuel delivery if you run out of gas

Fuel delivery if you run out of gas

Trip Interruption

Not included

$250 trip interruption and lost baggage coverage

$500 trip interruption and lost baggage coverage


Not included

Not included

$25,000 emergency medical transport

*Extracts your vehicle if it’s stuck in terrain, like mud or sand

AAA memberships offer more than just basic roadside service — members can enjoy extra perks, like travel resources, trip interruption coverage and more.

  • Travel services: AAA is also a travel agency that offers TripTik Travel Planners, AAA maps and TourBook Guides. These tools help members find hotels, avoid road delays and save money on their trips. AAA members get discounts on both domestic and international travel along with hotels, tours, cruises and more.
  • Trip interruption: If your trip is delayed because of an accident, unexpected illness, breakdown, severe weather or natural disaster, AAA can reimburse you for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, like meals, hotel stays or rental cars.
  • Vehicle return protection: You can be reimbursed for having your car towed back to your residence following an unexpected injury or illness on your trip which prevents you from driving further (cannot be a result of a collision or breakdown).
  • Rental car: Members can make car reservations with AAA at any rental company worldwide. Membership can also provide discounts with certain rental car reservations.
  • Passport photos: Members can get their passport photos taken at any local AAA branch.
  • Mechanical repairs: AAA can help you get your car running with minor repairs, but the cost of supplies and car parts replacements are not covered.


Is towing the only service AAA provides?

Other roadside assistance services included in a AAA membership include winching, jump starts, flat tire replacements, locksmith services and fuel delivery. Upgrading your membership unlocks additional benefits, like trip interruption and emergency medical transport coverage.

Can you call AAA towing any time of day?

You can call AAA roadside assistance for a tow dispatch at any time of day or night, 24/7. 

Will Triple A tow my car if I’m far from my home?

AAA’s Classic plan will cover towing costs for three to five miles and upgrading your plan to Plus increases coverage to 100 miles. Any towing costs exceeding the mileage limit will be paid out of your pocket.

Is AAA towing reliable?

AAA has an extensive network of towing services, repair shops and much more throughout the United States. Members can conveniently order a tow via mobile app or phone no matter where they are and at any time.

Key Takeaways

  • The cheapest AAA plan only covers three to five miles of towing services depending on your location, which is relatively low when compared to other providers.
  • AAA offers other types of emergency roadside services, including emergency fuel delivery, locksmith parts and labor, winching, battery replacement, jumpstarts and flat tire services.
  • AAA towing services increase with your membership tier: Plus members get up to 100 miles of towing, while Premier members enjoy the same benefits as Plus along with a one-time 200-mile tow per year.
  • Triple A is a 24/7 service, meaning that you can call for assistance at any time, even if it is after regular business hours.

If roadside service is a priority for you, consider buying coverage through your auto insurer. While you’re at it, you can use SmartFinancial to shop around for a better-value policy that includes roadside coverage. Just enter your zip code below or call 855.214.2291 to receive your free car insurance quotes.


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