The Best Home Insurance in Utah 2023

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Utah was recently ranked the happiest state in a Wallethub study. Maybe part of that reason was that it typically costs $555.61 per year, less than half the national average, to insure a home with a $250,000 dwelling value in the Beehive State.

To find you the best policy at the best price, our research can help make saving money on a top-notch policy easy. Keep reading to learn our top picks for the best homeowners insurance in Utah.

Best Home Insurance Companies in Utah

To streamline your research for the right homeowners insurance company, we've compiled the best carriers in Utah. When determining our top picks, we considered third-party scores, customer satisfaction and insurance rates. Insurance premiums noted below are based on homes with a $250,000 dwelling value.


Best for



Best for cheap insurance rates


American Family

Best for smart homes



Best for military families


Best for Cheapest Rates: Farmers

Our research showed that Farmers offered the most affordable rates, costing an average of just $521.97 per year. The statewide average is $555.61, resulting in about 6% savings when homeowners choose Farmers.

Farmers simplifies the insurance-buying process with three insurance packages: Standard, Enhanced and Premier.

Farmers simplifies the insurance-buying process with three insurance packages: Standard, Enhanced and Premier. It's easy to upgrade or downgrade your homeowners insurance policy, based on needs and budget.

  • Discounts: Bundle with other policy; protective devices; non-smoker

Best for Smart Homes: American Family

With American Family's Safe, Secure, Smart Home Discount, homeowners enjoy savings when they install smart home devices and systems that protect against burglary, fires and more. Costing just $587.49 per year, American Family was also very affordable.

American Family partners with Frontpoint, a leading home security company, to offer products like security cameras, smart locks and smoke/heat sensors. Generally, it's always a good idea to mitigate the risks of your home — and the American Family discount incentivizes you to do so.

  • Discounts: Bundle with auto; new or renovated home; loyalty; generational; smart home

Best for Military Families: USAA

If you're a veteran, active military or directly related to somebody who is, then USAA is worth considering. Costing $1,001.21 per year, USAA is comparably more costly than the other insurance carriers featured here. However, their NAIC score for homeowners insurance is 0.73, which tells us that policyholders are pleased with USAA's service.

USAA offers several perks to military personnel. For example, deployed members enjoy personal property coverage anywhere in the world, including the battlefield. The deductible on military uniform or equipment is also waived when damaged under a covered claim while deployed.

  • Discounts: Bundle with auto; home security systems; claims-free history

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Utah

Average annual premiums for homeowners insurance in Utah are $555.61 per year for a home with a $250,000 dwelling value. Keep in mind this is only an average figure and the actual cost will vary per policyholder. You'll also see pricing varies by insurance company, your home's dwelling value and the county you live in.

Average Cost by Insurance Company

We compiled quotes for homes in Utah with a $250,000 dwelling value from over a dozen insurance companies and found that premiums typically range from $500 to $1,500. Farmers offered the cheapest insurance rates at $521.97 per year, on average. Encompass was the most expensive insurance option on our list, costing $1,480.56 per year, on average.

Since each insurance company has their own formulas for calculating insurance premiums, you'll see pricing differences between different carriers even for the same coverages. Generally, most insurance carriers will consider your home's rebuild costs, where it's located and your claims history, among other factors.


Average Annual Premium





Mutual Of Enumclaw


American Family












State Auto


Average Cost by Dwelling Value

We collected quotes on homes in Utah with dwelling values ranging from $150,000 to $450,000. Homes with $150,000 dwelling cost $401.63 per year, on average. The price increases to $881.94 per year, on average, for homes with dwelling values of $450,000.

You may have observed a correlation between higher dwelling values and higher insurance premiums. That is because more expensive (and often larger homes) cost more to rebuild, so there is more to insure.

average annual premium by dwelling value for utah

Average Cost by County

We compiled home insurance quotes on homes with $250,000 dwelling values across 20 counties to provide a sample of pricing differences based on location. San Juan County was the most affordable county, costing just $343.44 per year. At under $30 per month, the average premiums in San Juan County fall well below the statewide average of $46.30 per month ($555.61 annually). On the highest end was Juab county, costing $679.20 per year.


Average Annual Premium

Box Elder




















Salt Lake


San Juan


















Compare Home Insurance Rates in Utah

Homeowners Insurance in Utah

Standard homeowners insurance will protect your home against many natural perils, including wildfires (common in Utah). While not as frequently as in other states, Utah can experience floods and earthquakes, neither of which is covered by homeowners insurance. Both Flood and earthquake insurance must be bought separately.

We've summarized some basic home insurance coverage options below:




Pays for the cost to rebuild your home if it is damaged under a covered claim. Earthquake and flood insurance are not included under standard homeowners insurance policies.

Additional structures

Similar to dwelling coverage, you're covered for other structures beyond your dwelling, such as fences, detached garages and sheds.

Personal property

Your personal property is covered when damaged or stolen under a covered event. Personal belongings typically covered for the actual cash value (item value, minus depreciation).


Liability coverage is used to pay for legal fees when you're the target of a lawsuit after someone suffers injuries or property damage related to your home.

Medical payments (for others)

Optional coverage that pays for another's medical expenses (excludes yourself) when they are injured while on your property.

Loss of use

Pays for additional living expenses if your home is inaccessible due to a covered event (e.g., your insurance carrier will pay for food and hotel bills while your home is undergoing repairs after a wildfire).

What Utah Homeowners Need To Know

Utah is among the states in the U.S. most vulnerable to wildfires, experiencing 800 to 1,000 wildfires annually. In 2018, there were 1,327 wildfires, piercing the threshold average.

Utah experiences 800 to 1,000 wildfires annually. Fire coverage is included in home insurance.

Fortunately, standard homeowners insurance already covers fire damage. However, most coverage options pay at actual cash value. If you were to be reimbursed for personal property burned in a fire, you'd only get compensated for your items' values, minus depreciation. You may want to consider upgrading to a replacement cost value policy — you'd be compensated for the actual amount to purchase that item today.

Beyond obtaining insurance, you'll also want to stay proactive by fortifying your home against fires. Here are a few tips:

  • Clear your rain gutters and roof of leaves and debris.

  • Store firewood and other combustibles at least 3 feet away from your home and other structures.

  • Use a ¼" or smaller wire mesh screen for your chimney.

  • Replace wood roofs with metal, tile or asphalt material.

  • Choose a home with decks, balcony and stairs constructed with non-combustible materials.

How To Find Home Insurance in Utah

Many large insurance providers, like Farmers, State Farm and Allstate, offer homeowners insurance nationwide. You'll likely be able to secure the coverage options you need and at an impressively low cost if you're insured through Farmers.

You can also consider local or regional insurance carriers that typically have a deeper understanding of insurance needs within the areas they serve. Mutual of Enumclaw, for example, serves Utah and other communities throughout the west. Utah residents may want to know that Mutual of Enumclaw has partnered with Wildfire Defense Systems to extend additional fire protection resources to their policyholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Utah?

Farmers offers the cheapest homeowners insurance, costing $521.97 per year, on average, for a home with a $250,000 dwelling value. Prices vary, however, based on many factors including credit score.

What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Utah?

The average homeowners insurance cost in Utah is $555.61 per year, on average with a $250,000 dwelling value. Again, prices vary per homeowner and home.

What is the most reliable home insurance company?

State Farm, Allstate, Farmers and Nationwide have been ranked as homeowners insurance companies with the highest overall customer satisfaction scores according to a 2021 U.S. home insurance study by J.D. Power.

What do I need to get homeowners insurance in Utah?

When shopping for home insurance quotes, you'll typically be asked about your home's details (e.g., year it was built, size, location). The insurance agent may also ask about your personal details, such as your age, the number of full-time occupants and claims history.

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