Top 20 Outrageous Insurance Tips Guaranteed To Make You Laugh (April Fools’ Edition)

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Are you tired of the same old insurance advice? Ready for something fresh, fun and completely absurd? Well, you’re in luck!

In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, we’ve compiled a list of the most outlandish insurance tips you’ll ever come across. These tips are guaranteed to leave you in stitches, but remember, they’re just for laughs!

For a look at several weird types of insurance and home protection tips that could almost seem believable on April 1, check out the rest of our April Fools’ insurance guide below.

Key Takeaways

  • The best insurance policies will include coverage for common everyday risks like unintentionally altering the course of history while traveling back in time and experiencing property damage due to leprechauns, unicorns or mermaids.
  • Your insurer may help you pay to upgrade your home to protect yourself from yetis, zombies, dinosaurs and more.
  • You may be eligible for a homeowners insurance discount if you summon an army of benevolent phantoms to guard your house.
  • April Fools’ indemnity insurance is necessary to protect yourself from lawsuits in case someone who forgot to check the date doesn’t appreciate your April Fools’ pranks.

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1. Pet Psychic Coverage

There are plenty of benefits to having a pet that can see into the future and communicate with you telepathically but you should also be sure to protect your assets by investing in pet psychic coverage. For example, this coverage type can shield you from lawsuits if your dog predicts a stock market crash and you sell all of your stocks in response but fail to inform anyone else about the impending economic turmoil.

2. Sasquatch-Proofing Your Home

There’s always a non-zero chance that Bigfoot could break into your house at any moment, so it’d be irresponsible not to take proper steps to Sasquatch-proof your home. This can include springing for Sasquatch-proof doors and windows. At the very least, consider adding Bigfoot coverage to your homeowners insurance policy to make sure your insurer will cover yeti-related property damage including holes in your walls, dents in your roof and even broken windows.

3. Time Travel Liability Coverage

If you’re planning on taking a trip back in time, you need to make sure you buy time travel insurance beforehand. Along with covering sudden damage to your time machine, it can provide liability coverage to make sure you aren’t on the hook for any accidental alterations to the space-time continuum.

For example, your time travel liability coverage can step in if you unintentionally set off a chain of events that ends up preventing your own birth. (Note: You will need to contact your insurance carrier for specific guidance on how to file a claim in the event that you were never born.)

4. Haunted House Discount

Naturally, homeowners insurance companies commonly offer discounts to policyholders who invite the supernatural into their homes. After all, what better way is there to prevent theft than to summon a horde of friendly ghosts that can scare away potential intruders? However, be wary of mischievous poltergeists, as these trouble-making ghouls may drive up your home insurance rates instead.

5. Unicorn Damage Protection

A unicorn damage protection policy is the best way to keep your family safe from financial losses caused by rogue unicorns. For example, this coverage type can help you pay to repair or replace your property if a unicorn leaves rainbow hoofprints on your driveway or glitter explosions in your living room.

6. Mermaid Flood Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage from external sources like heavy rains, sump pump overflows or mermaids, so you should consider buying a separate mermaid flood insurance policy if you live near the ocean. In addition, you should be prepared to evacuate your home if you hear an off-kilter siren call, which signals that a flood triggered by a clumsy mermaid may be on the way.

7. Leprechaun Coverage

Unless you’re feeling especially lucky, you may want to hedge your bets by purchasing leprechaun insurance. This coverage type can insure you against all kinds of property damage caused by leprechaun-related mischief including rainbow-induced lawn discoloration and damage to underground service lines due to heavy pots of gold.

8. Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

There are numerous ways your insurance company can help you prepare for an inevitable invasion of the undead. For example, your insurance provider may reimburse you after you buy non-perishable foods, shotguns and other essentials for your zombie apocalypse survival kit. Your policy may even cover upgrades to your underground apocalypse bunker!

9. Psychic Paperwork Protection

Filling out paperwork can be a hassle that causes you and your friends unnecessary stress but your insurance forms will practically fill themselves out with psychic paperwork protection. Not only does this make the insurance application process easier for you but it also helps insurance companies crack down on insurance fraud. There’s no use trying to hide that minor fender bender you got into last month from an insurer; the psychic papers already know.

10. Superhero Damage Control

There’s perhaps no worse feeling than trudging out of the office building after a long day at work only to find that a local superhero has thrown their archnemesis directly into the roof of your car. If you live in a superhero (or supervillain) hotspot, consider purchasing indestructible walls and a superhero protection policy that will cover collateral damage your property incurs in the fight between good and evil. In addition, hanging up a “no capes allowed” sign on your property can help your case if you ever decide to sue a superhuman trespasser.

11. Fairy Tale Fiasco Coverage

The only way to make sure your Cinderella story ends happily ever after is to purchase fairy tale fiasco coverage. From lost glass slippers to pumpkin carriage collisions, this coverage type can protect you from numerous unexpected situations that might otherwise keep you from meeting your Prince Charming.

12. Extreme Weather Wiggle Room

While a typical homeowners policy already covers some types of weather-related damage from sources such as lightning and hail, you’ll need extreme weather wiggle room insurance to cover more fantastical meteorological phenomena. For example, this type of policy may provide coverage if it starts raining frogs or if your house floods because a winter storm is followed by a spontaneous heat wave that rapidly melts all of the snow.

13. Dinosaur Defense Plan

Who knows when scientists will bring forth a Jurassic-era resurgence of the most terrible lizards to ever walk the Earth? To be on the safe side, you should go ahead and make sure you have a dinosaur defense plan in place. That requires installing Triceratops-proof fencing and stocking up on T-Rex repellent.

14. Invisible Insurance

Invisible insurance can provide invaluable protection against a wide range of unseen threats including ghostly visitors and stealthy ninja burglars. As an added perk, it’s pretty easy to get your claims approved; all you have to do is say that you didn’t see the source of damage and you’ll be reimbursed for your destroyed personal property, 100% guaranteed.

15. Fortune Teller Liability Waiver

Every good psychic advisor needs two things: a crystal ball and a fortune teller liability waiver. After all, no clairvoyant gets it right all the time. Having your clients sign a liability waiver guarantees they won’t sue you on account of any inaccurate predictions or unexpected lottery losses.

16. Eternal Youth Assurance

We’d all like to stay young forever but the dangers of a potential expedition to the Fountain of Youth keep many people stuck on the dreary path to old age. However, enrolling in eternal youth assurance allows you to receive coverage for medical expenses and compensation for any failed attempts at living forever. In addition, you may be able to receive anti-aging spells for free (after you meet your yearly deductible, of course).

17. Space Debris Defense Fund

Contributing to the space debris defense fund is a crucial way to help protect your home and the entire planet from falling satellites and rogue asteroids. With your help, the United States Space Force can afford to shoot lasers into the sky to prevent giant meteors from entering Earth’s atmosphere. And if all else fails, at least falling objects are already covered by homeowners insurance.

18. Clumsiness Compensation Plan

Accident-prone individuals can’t afford to go without a clumsiness compensation plan. This specialized insurance policy can provide coverage for all kinds of butterfingered blunders from breaking vases to tripping over your own shoelaces.

19. Fairy Godparent Policy

We could all use a little more magic in our lives but what happens when our fairy godparents fail to pull through when we need them most? With fairy godparent insurance, you’ll be protected from financial losses if your wishes don’t come true. For example, you could be reimbursed if you sell your house after unsuccessfully wishing for a castle in the clouds.

20. April Fools’ Indemnity Insurance

April Fools’ indemnity insurance can take care of your legal fees if someone sues you due to an April Fools’ Day prank gone wrong. For example, if you the reader file a professional liability lawsuit against SmartFinancial for giving bad advice after you find out that your insurer won’t actually reimburse you for modifications that protect your home from dinosaurs or yetis, you won’t get very far thanks to our totally legitimate April Fools’ Day indemnity policy.

Disclaimer: These tips are purely for entertainment purposes! While insurance is seriously important, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun with some April Fools’ Day jokes. Just don’t be surprised if your insurance agent gives you a puzzled look when you ask about zombie apocalypse coverage.


Do insurance companies offer insurance discounts in April?

Insurance companies generally don’t offer discounts related to holidays that happen in or around April such as April Fools’ Day and Easter.

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