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Homeowners Insurance in Connecticut: Complete Consumer Guide

Want to move to Connecticut? Here are some interesting facts about your new home state. The state is home to a number of fun innovations. Connecticut is home to the first hamburger in 1895, first Polaroid camera in 1934, first helicopter in 1939 and first color television in 1948. The first lollipop-making machine opened for business in New Haven in 1908. The first telephone book ever issued was for the New Haven District Telephone Company in February 1878 with just 50 names. Connecticut is home to the oldest newspaper still being published, the Hartford Courant, which was first published in 1764.

Types of policy for Homeowners Insurance in Connecticut

Wondering what type of home insurance policy that you need for your home? Here is a look at the different types of policies you can choose from.

HO-1 This “basic form” policy covers the 10 most common perils. And you should know that some insurance companies do not offer HO-1 forms.

HO-2 This “broad form” provides only limited coverage. But it still provides more insurance coverage than a HO-1 basic form.

HO-3 This form is the most commonly purchased type of homeowners insurance. HO-3 provides coverage for named perils as well as personal property. With this form, your insurance company will pay to repair or replace belongings damaged in 16 covered perils. These perils include smoke, fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosions, theft, vandalism, falling objects, the weight of ice, snow and sleet on your home and water damage.

HO-6 This type of form is for condominium units. This type of HO-6 coverage is usually “walls-in” coverage and may protect a condo’s floors, walls and ceilings against 16 covered perils. The HO-6 form also includes coverage for a condo owner’s personal belongings.

HO-8 This type of form is for older houses and covers just 10 perils. The HO-8 form is paid on an actual cash value, which is the cost of the items minus depreciation.

What factors affect rates on homeowners insurance in Connecticut?

When it comes to rating your homeowners insurance, many factors come into play. For instance, the construction materials of your home is a big factor. So are other factors such as how much it will cost to rebuild your home and replace all your belongings. Do you have pets? You’re liable for dog bites and injuries. What about a trampoline or a swimming pool? Both of these items will affect your insurance rate. Another important factor is your credit. If you have good or excellent credit it will help to lower your home insurance rate.

Top 5 disasters in the State of Connecticut

Connecticut federally declared Hurricane disasters the most with 11 counts since 1953, followed by Severe Storms, Snow, Flood, and Tornado disasters. Here are the top 5 federally declared disasters in the state of Connecticut:

Rank Declaration Title Disaster Number
2Severe Storms9

Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

How much is homeowners insurance in Connecticut?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Connecticut is $1,058 per year.

Source: The average cost of homeowners insurance by state, Business Insider.

Crime Rate: Is Connecticut a safe state?

2019 Crime in Connecticut Crime Number Crime Rate*
Property Crime50,8621,426.6

*Rate per 100,000 inhabitants

Safest Cities in Connecticut by Property Crime*

  • Weston, CT has a population of 10,254 with a Property Crime rate of 1.5 per 1k. The city average home value is approximately $856,000.
  • Newtown, CT has a population of 27,795 with a Property Crime rate of 2.1 per 1k. The average home value there is about $430,000.
  • Plainfield, CT came in third as the safest city in the state of Connecticut and has a population of 15,145 with a Property Crime rate of 2.4 per 1k. Its home value averaged at about $208,000.
  • Ridgefield, CT has a population of 25,050 with a Property Crime rate of 2.9 per 1k. Its average home value is $655,000.
  • Madison, CT has a population of 18,087 with a Property Crime rate of 3.6 per 1k. The city home value averaged $399,000.

*Based on FBI Uniform Crime Reporting 2019, some cities have been eliminated because of changes in the state/local agency's reporting practices and cities with populations under 10,000. Zillow’s State/Cities average home value for a single family home or a condo as of Sept. 2020.

Compare Home Insurance Rates in Connecticut

Top homeowners insurance companies in Connecticut

Amica may not be the biggest insurance company but it is known for its customer service. Claims are handled quickly and some policies come with money-back dividends. Discounts are available for burglar and fire alarms and automatic detection devices for water and gas leaks.

State Farm gets acclaim for the ease and use of its website. Multiple policy discounts are available as are discounts for smoke alarms and burglar alarms. There is also a discount available for an impact-resistant roof.

Allstate is known for the wide range of its discounts. These include an early signing discount, home buyer discount and a hail-resistant roof discount. With Allstate, you could save up to 10 percent on your premium if you sign up for your new policy at least seven days before the current policy expires.

Connecticut Home Insurance FAQs

When do you pay the deductible for homeowners insurance?

When you make an insurance claim, the amount of the deductible is subtracted from the claim payment.

Is homeowners insurance required in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut doesn’t require its residents to carry home insurance. But if you have a mortgage, your lender will require homeowners insurance coverage until you pay off your home loan.

Can I sell my house with an open insurance claim?

You can sell a house with an open insurance claim but you will want to clearly document to the buyer the unrepaired damage to the house. There have been legal cases regarding this subject and you may wish to consult with an attorney.

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