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As a coastal state, Massachusetts is vulnerable to powerful storms and heavy flooding. Fortunately, the right homeowners insurance policy can keep you, your home and your property protected. Homeowners insurance in the Bay State is relatively cheap, costing only an average of $867.79 per year — well below the national average of $1,213.89.

Rates can still vary per person and choosing the right carrier is essential to balancing your coverage and budget needs. We've rounded up the best homeowners insurance in Massachusetts after considering affordability, customer satisfaction and third-party scores.

Best Home Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

When choosing our top picks, we analyzed Massachusetts homeowners insurance rates, reviews and customer satisfaction. The rates listed below are based on homeowners insurance policies with $250,000 dwelling coverage.


Best for



Best national carrier


United Property and Casualty

Best for cheapest rates



Best for high-value homes


Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Best for private flood endorsement

Not rated

*Companies were chosen based on reviews and JD Power 2020 and 2021 scores out of 1,000.

Homeowners insurance in the Bay State is relatively cheap, costing only an average of $867.79 per year.

Best National Carrier: Travelers

Travelers was recently featured among the companies for highest overall customer satisfaction on JD Power's 2021 home insurance study. We give Travelers extra points for its affordable coverage when compared to national competitors we researched — the average yearly premium is about $1,422.21 per year.

Travelers received an impressive 0.44 complaint rating by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), indicating that complaints against Travelers are 56% fewer than what would be expected of a company its size. Travelers also has the financial strength to pay out claims.

  • Discounts: Bundle with another policy; new home; claims-free history; security devices; green home

Best for Cheapest Rates: UPC

United Property and Casualty (UPC) Insurance returned some of the cheapest insurance rates in our research, costing only $558.62 per year, on average. When compared to the statewide average ($1,513.98), homeowners can enjoy up to 36% savings on homeowners insurance. Beyond cheap quotes, homeowners can lower their projected annual premiums with UPC's abundant discounts — bundling with another policy, installing security features and completing weather mitigation projects, to name a few.

  • Discounts: Bundle with another policy; protective/security features; accredited builder; roof age; weather mitigation; new home; green

Best for High-Value Homes: Chubb

If you need home insurance coverage that will sufficiently protect your high-value belongings, then Chubb is a worthy consideration. A homeowners insurance policy with Chubb costs $1,352.88 per year, on average. Whether you need to buy coverage for valuable family heirlooms, jewelry, antiques, art collections or some other high-priced possession, Chubb has you covered. Their Masterpiece policy even includes a complimentary home appraisal, helping you accurately assess that actual coverage you need.

  • Discounts: Bundle with another policy; security features; new or renovated house

Best for Private Flood Endorsement: Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

If a regional insurance carrier is more in your wheelhouse, then consider Narragansett Bay Insurance Company (NBIC). With quotes of $1,302.58 per year, on average, NBIC serves primarily East coast states. NBIC offers private coverage to coastal states vulnerable to flooding, like Massachusetts. NBIC's private policy offers competitive pricing, which can include coverage at replacement cost value. A private flood policy shouldn't be confused with a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood policy, which is backed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

  • Discounts: New home, renovated home, home security systems

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts homeowners can expect to pay, on average, $867.79 per year on home insurance — this is 29%% below the national average of $1,213.89. While residents in the Bay State typically enjoy cheaper rates, the actual price will vary per company, the amount of dwelling coverage you need and your county.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

SmartFinancial compiled over 6,000 quotes from 17 companies and found that insurance premiums were wide-ranging. United Property and Casualty returned the cheapest home insurance quotes, on average, at $558.62 per year — 36% below the statewide average. Hanover charged the highest rates on average, costing $2,557.35 per year.


Average Annual Premium for $250,000 Dwelling Coverage

United Property and Casualty


Quincy Mutual


Vermont Mutual


Andover Companies


Arbella Insurance Group


Narragansett Bay Insurance


Preferred Mutual






Commerce Group Inc


Norfolk and Dedham Group


Safety Group


ACE American Pool


Amica Mutual


Pure Companies Grp


Plymouth Rock Assurance




Average Cost by Dwelling Value

Dwelling value refers to the cost of rebuilding your home after it has been destroyed by a covered claim. Higher coverage limits on a policy can result in higher premiums. A homeowners policy with only $150,000 dwelling cost costs, on average, just $627.96 per year ($52.33 per month). At the highest end in our research, the price of home insurance increases to $1,372.91 per year ($114.41 per month) for $450,000 in dwelling coverage. Generally, you can expect to pay an additional $250 when you reach the thresholds we used in our analysis.

average annual premium by dwelling value for massachusetts

Average Cost by County

SmartFinancial collected quotes across all 14 counties in Massachusetts and found that average premiums were relatively close to the state average. Berkshire county returned the cheapest quotes, on average, costing roughly $640.04 per year — 26% below the statewide average. Homeowners in Nantucket, though, can expect to pay the $1,213.20 per year, on average — 40% above the state average.


Average Annual Premium for $250,000 Dwelling Coverage





























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Homeowners Insurance Coverages in Massachusetts

While basic coverage protects against all sorts of perils, including windstorms, fire and falling objects, it does NOT protect you against flood-related damages. Like earthquake insurance, you will need to purchase flood coverage separately. Similarly, a separate deductible applies to hurricane coverage.

United Property and Casualty (UPC) Insurance returned some of the cheapest insurance rates, costing only $558.62 per year, on average.

Due to the specific nuances surrounding homeowners insurance in Massachusetts, understanding your coverage options is essential. 




Also called Coverage A in your policy, dwelling coverage pays for the cost to rebuild your home if it is damaged under a covered claim.

Additional structures

Similar to dwelling coverage, except additional structures coverage protects other structures on your property, including fences, sheds and detached garages.

Personal property

Both the structure and contents of your home are typically covered under basic homeowners insurance. If damaged or lost under a covered peril, personal property coverage will reimburse you at actual cash value (item's value after depreciation).

Personal liability

Liability coverage pays for legal expenses if somebody sues you after suffering bodily injury or property damage while on your property.

Loss of use

Covers the costs of daily living expenses if your home is temporarily inaccessible due to a covered event (e.g., it is being rebuilt after suffering a hurricane). Eligible expenses typically include hotel fare, meals expenses and more.

Medical payments for others (optional coverage)

Pays for medical expenses when somebody, such as a guest, suffers a bodily injury while on your property. Does not cover your own injuries.

Flood (standalone policy)

Pays for flood-related damages. Since it is not covered in basic homeowners insurance, you'll need to buy a standalone policy or an insurance rider to gain coverage.

Hurricane (separate deductible)

Pays for hurricane-related damages (does not include flood-related damages). In Massachusetts, homeowners must pay a separate deductible to gain coverage.

What Massachusetts Homeowners Need To Know

Although the Bay State has beautiful coastal views, this also leaves homeowners vulnerable to the natural perils — especially to strong storms and heavy floods.


Nor'easters are powerful coastal storms in the northeast that bring strong winds, snow, heavy rain, coastal erosion and flooding. Northeastern coastal states should be especially wary of these destructive storms from October to May. Some of the worst storms to hit Massachusetts were in 1992, 2014 and 2018, which all ranked in the top 10 high tides by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


As a coastal state that experiences regular storms, flooding can be a serious concern for Massachusetts homeowners. Just one inch of floodwater can lead to $25,000 in damages according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Since flood-related damages are not covered in a standard HO-3 policy or any other home insurance policy you will need to purchase a separate policy to stay protected (more on that below). Some carriers offer flood endorsements.

How To Find Home Insurance in Massachusetts

Finding home insurance in Massachusetts is easy. Choosing the right one, though, takes a little more legwork. In our top picks, we featured several national carriers, like Travelers and Chubbs. However, there are also excellent regional providers, like Narragansett Bay Insurance Company (NBIC) that can offer homeowners the tailored insurance coverage they need.

Flood Insurance

As a coastal state, flood insurance should be an important consideration among Massachusetts homeowners. There are typically two routes a homeowner can take to buy flood insurance:

  1. Buy a policy through an NFIP-approved insurance agent. Rates are backed by the national program and will not vary.

  2. Buy a private policy through a private insurance carrier, like NBIC and UPC. You may pay less with a private insurer.

Travelers was recently featured among the companies for highest overall customer satisfaction on JD Power’s 2021 home insurance study.

Massachusetts Home Insurance FAQs

What is the average cost of home insurance in Massachusetts?

Homeowners insurance in Massachusetts costs, on average, $867.79 per year for $250,000 dwelling coverage. Compared to the national average of $1,213.89, Massachusetts homeowners pay 29% less on home insurance.

How much is home insurance a month?

Home insurance in Massachusetts costs $72.32 per month for a policy with $250,000 dwelling coverage.

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Massachusetts?

Based on SmartFinancial's analysis, United Property and Casualty Insurance returned the cheapest quotes at $558.62 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. The statewide average is $867.79, resulting in 36% savings.

Is home insurance required in Massachusetts?

Unlike auto insurance, there is no legal mandate to carry home insurance in Massachusetts. However, your mortgage lender will almost always require you to buy home insurance before they close on your loan. You may also be required to buy flood insurance if you live in a high-risk flood zone.

Find the Best Home Insurance in the Bay State

Homeowners insurance can help protect one of the biggest investments in your life — your home and personal belongings. Living in Massachusetts, however, you're more vulnerable to certain perils than in other states. Hurricanes, floods and more may require you to purchase a standalone policy or separate deductible.

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