Best Home Insurance in South Carolina 2023

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As a coastal state, South Carolina homeowners are vulnerable to powerful storms and heavy floods. Homeowners insurance can help protect your property. Fortunately, home insurance rates in South Carolina are cheaper, on average, compared to the national annual average. South Carolina homeowners pay $1,150.88 per year, on average, for a home insurance policy with $250,000 dwelling coverage.

Cost, however, isn't the only factor to consider. SmartFinancial looked at rates, coverages and service to bring you the top home insurance in South Carolina.

Best Home Insurance Companies in South Carolina

SmartFinancial considered rates, coverages and JD Power customer satisfaction scores when highlighting the top insurance carriers in South Carolina. The rates below are based on quotes for home insurance policies with $250,000 dwelling coverage.


Best for



Best for cheap quotes



Best local insurer

Not rated


Best for military families


*Companies were chosen based on reviews and JD Power scores out of 1,000.

South Carolina homeowners pay $1,150.88 per year, on average, for a home insurance policy.

Best for Cheap Quotes: Allstate

If you're looking for cheap home insurance, consider Allstate. Based on our data, Allstate returned the cheapest homeowners insurance quotes, on average, at $900.21 per year. Paying just $75 per month, Allstate customers pay 22% less on home insurance compared to the statewide average. Allstate also offers multiple home insurance discounts to further lower your premiums, including buying a multi-policy and equipping your home with security systems.

  • Discounts: Bundle; automatic payments; home security systems; early renewal

Best Local Insurer: Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a regional insurance carrier that primarily serves states along the east coast. A homeowners insurance policy with Lighthouse costs $1,778.84 per year, on average. As a family-owned company, Lighthouse is dedicated to offering coverages that directly address the insurance needs of South Carolina residents. That's why Lighthouse also offers flood insurance to protect homes against flooding from mudflow, tidal waters and more.

Best for Military Families: USAA

A home insurance policy with USAA costs $1,908.42 per year, on average. Although higher than the statewide average, USAA customers enjoy unique benefits that military families may enjoy. Your military uniform and equipment, for example, do not require you to pay a deductible while you are on active duty. USAA also boasts the highest JD Power score for overall customer satisfaction (although, USAA did not officially rank because they exclusively serve military families).

  • Discounts: Bundle home and auto insurance; home security systems; claims-free history

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina home insurance costs $1,150.88 per year, on average — just 5% above the national annual average ($1,213.89). Actual rates, however, can change based on multiple factors, including your insurance company, dwelling coverage limits and your home's location. The rates below should be used only for comparative purposes.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in South Carolina

SmartFinancial analyzed quotes from 14 insurance companies. We found that Allstate was the cheapest home insurance company, on average, charging $900.21 per year (22% below the statewide average. Southern Farm Bureau charges the highest rates, on average, at $3,178.87 per year, which is well above the average cost in South Carolina.


Average Annual Premium for $250,000 Dwelling Coverage











State Farm






Armed Forces Insurance Exchange










Southern Farm Bureau


Average Cost by Dwelling Value

Home insurance rates are affected by how much dwelling coverage you need. We analyzed quotes for dwelling values ranging from $150,000 to $450,000. Homeowners can expect to pay $780.68 per year, on average, for $150,000 dwelling coverage. Average annual rates increase to $1,909.90 for $450,000 dwelling coverage, which is a significant $1,130 jump.

average annual premium by dwelling value for south carolina

Average Cost by County

Our data showed a wide range in home insurance premiums depending on where you live. The county with the cheapest home insurance rates was Abbeville, charging $838.60 per year, on average. This is a 27% decrease from the statewide average. Williamsburg County returned the highest home insurance quotes, on average, at $1,673.56 per year — a 45% increase from the statewide average.


Average Annual Premium for $250,000 Dwelling Coverage





























































































Compare Home Insurance Rates in South Carolina

Homeowners Insurance in South Carolina

A basic homeowners policy, like in any other state, affords you multiple coverages, including windstorms, fires, falling objects and more. Unless it's specifically noted as an exclusion in your policy, you're protected. Exclusions commonly include mold, flood and earthquake coverage.

Below, we summarized each type of coverage you'll get (and home insurance coverage options worth considering) to help deepen your understanding.




Your home's rebuild or repair costs for a covered loss are paid for under this coverage.

Additional structures

Pays for other structures on your property, such as fences, sheds and detached garages, when damaged from a covered loss.

Personal property

Personal property coverage will reimburse you for your personal belongings at actual cash value (item's value minus depreciation) if they're damaged or stolen under a covered loss.

Personal liability

If you're liable for somebody else's injuries or property damages while on your property, liability coverage will pay for medical bills and defense fees.

Loss of use

Also called additional living expenses coverage, loss of use coverage pays for additional living expenses, such as hotel bills and meals, if your home is temporarily inaccessible due to a covered loss (e.g., you're staying in a hotel while your home's roof is being repaired after a windstorm).

Medical payments for others (optional)

If somebody is injured while on your property, this coverage pays for another person's medical expenses (e.g., x-rays, surgeries)

Flood (separate policy)

Pays for flood-related damages. You will likely need to buy a standalone policy or insurance rider to gain this flood coverage.


Pays for hurricane-related damages. Unlike other states, South Carolina homeowners may need to pay a separate hurricane deductible.

Allstate returned the cheapest homeowners insurance quotes, on average, at $900.21 per year.

What South Carolina Homeowners Need To Know

Since South Carolina shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean, many homeowners are especially vulnerable to hurricanes and floods.

While hurricanes are often covered under "windstorm' coverage in your home insurance policy, a separate deductible may apply. Insurance carriers often enforce this due to South Carolina's higher risk of hurricanes.

Flood insurance claims, on the other hand, are not covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy. Cities that are especially vulnerable to floods should strongly consider flood insurance. Charleston, for example, often struggles with flooding related to high tides and excess runwater. To gain coverage for flood damage, you can buy a flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program or ask your insurer if they sell a private flood policy, which would be the cheaper option.

How To Find Home Insurance in South Carolina

Finding a home insurance carrier in the Palmetto State can be fairly easy. Choosing the right insurance carrier tends to be the real challenge. Our recommendation roundup can be a starting point for your research as you compare coverages and rates from multiple carriers.

We've highlighted some national insurance carriers, like Allstate and USAA, which tend to be popular for their brand recognition, strong service and financial stability. You may also want to consider regional providers, like Lighthouse, which may have a stronger pulse on insurance needs specific to South Carolina.

Although higher than the statewide average, USAA customers enjoy unique benefits that military families may enjoy.

South Carolina Home Insurance FAQs

What is the average home insurance cost in South Carolina?

The average home insurance cost in South Carolina is $1,150.88 per year for $250,000 dwelling coverage. Compared to the national annual average of $1,213.89, South Carolina homeowners pay 5% less on home insurance. Average rates will vary based on multiple factors, including your insurance company, dwelling coverage, location and claims history.

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in South Carolina?

Allstate offers the cheapest homeowners insurance in South Carolina. Allstate charges $900.21 per year, on average, for $250,000 dwelling coverage — this is 22% below the statewide average ($1,150.88).

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