What Type of Insurance Do I Need To Deliver for Amazon?

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Whether you are driving an Amazon-branded van or your own personal vehicle, you will need to maintain commercial auto insurance to be covered while you are delivering packages. You should be able to get coverage through Amazon or an Amazon insurance partner, although you may also need to have private passenger car insurance or buy a separate commercial policy depending on your circumstances.

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon car insurance including how it differs between the two types of Amazon delivery programs.

Key Takeaways

  • You must have commercial car insurance to cover any vehicles you use to make deliveries for Amazon.
  • Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) owners can buy liability and physical damage coverage plus other commercial insurance coverage types from Marsh Affinity.
  • If you drive for Amazon Flex, your personal vehicles will be covered by Amazon during deliveries as long as you have a personal auto insurance policy and live outside of New York.
  • Your insurance company will reject claims related to Amazon deliveries if you don’t have commercial auto coverage, potentially leaving you responsible for thousands of dollars worth of hospital or repair bills.

What Types of Delivery Programs Does Amazon Offer?

You may be able to contract with Amazon as a delivery driver through one of two programs: the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program or Amazon Flex.

Amazon Delivery Service Partners

Delivery Service Partners (DSPs) are independent businesses whose owners partner with Amazon to deliver packages that have been ordered through the company’s e-commerce platform. If you drive for a DSP, you are considered an employee of the DSP rather than an employee of Amazon.[1]

Although they aren’t officially considered Amazon employees, DSP drivers may still drive Amazon-branded vehicles and wear uniforms provided by Amazon. Amazon also provides other services to DSPs such as on-the-road support and employee benefit program assistance.[1]

Amazon Flex

Meanwhile, Amazon Flex allows independent contractors to deliver packages for Amazon using their own vehicles. Drivers are able to set their own schedules by reserving blocks of time when they will be available for deliveries.[2]

Does Amazon Offer Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers?

In general, drivers who contract with Amazon can obtain car insurance coverage either directly from Amazon or from an insurer recommended by Amazon. However, the availability of Amazon auto insurance policies and the coverage types they include will depend on your location and the delivery program you participate in.

Amazon Delivery Service Partners

DSP owners can insure their fleets through Amazon’s preferred insurance program manager, Marsh Affinity. Commercial auto insurance for Amazon drivers from Marsh includes physical damage protection in the form of comprehensive and collision coverage along with bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Marsh also offers other commercial coverage types to DSPs including cargo legal liability insurance, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.[3]

Amazon Flex

Conversely, the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy automatically covers Amazon Flex drivers’ personal vehicles during their delivery blocks. This coverage is available at no cost and it includes $1 million worth of liability insurance plus comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.[4]

What Type of Insurance Covers Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Amazon delivery drivers can only be covered by commercial auto insurance since personal auto insurance policies generally exclude coverage for business activities.

As a result, if you forego coverage through Marsh or the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, you will still need to buy commercial coverage for yourself rather than relying on your private passenger auto insurance.

Otherwise, you could be completely on the hook for medical expenses and property repair bills that arise if you get into an accident while delivering packages. To get an idea of how much money you could have to pay out of pocket if you don’t have proper coverage, see the below table for an overview of the average cost of various types of personal car insurance claims.[5]

Coverage Type

Average Claim Amount in 2022

Bodily injury liability insurance


Property damage liability insurance


Collision insurance


Comprehensive insurance


Do I Need Additional Insurance To Deliver for Amazon?

Even though a personal car insurance policy won’t cover you while you are driving for Amazon, you are still required to maintain personal auto insurance in compliance with your state’s laws in order to qualify for Amazon Flex insurance. You will likely want to buy full coverage for yourself since Amazon will only insure your vehicle against physical damage if your personal insurance coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage.[4]

In addition, Amazon Flex car insurance is not available in New York, so you will likely need to shop for commercial car insurance from independent insurance carriers if you live in the Empire State. For example, GEICO recommends that Amazon Flex drivers obtain coverage through a commercial rideshare insurance policy.[6]

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Can I use my own car insurance to deliver for Amazon?

Your personal car insurance won’t cover you while you are delivering packages for Amazon, although you still need to have your own auto insurance to qualify for commercial coverage through Amazon if you are an Amazon Flex driver.[4]

Are Amazon drivers liable for accidents?

An Amazon DSP is liable for car accidents involving its drivers rather than Amazon itself. Meanwhile, Amazon isn’t technically liable for accidents involving Amazon Flex drivers since they are independent contractors rather than employees, although the company still provides auto liability coverage for eligible drivers. 

Do you need commercial insurance to deliver for Amazon?

Yes, you need commercial insurance to deliver for Amazon. Amazon directly insures Amazon Flex delivery drivers in every state but New York and recommends that DSP owners obtain Amazon DSP car insurance from Marsh Affinity.[3][4]

Will Amazon auto insurance cover my medical bills?

Car insurance for Amazon Flex and Amazon DSP drivers does not include personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments coverage. However, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through your DSP if you are injured in a work-related car crash.[3]

Does Amazon offer personal auto insurance policies?

Noncommercial auto insurance policies are only available through Amazon in India.[7]


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