2023 Chubb Insurance Review

Chubb is most likely a good fit for you if you are an affluent individual who prioritizes a fast claims process or a business owner looking for an insurer with a good rapport among high-revenue companies.

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Chubb may be appealing to affluent individuals and families due to its extensive line-up of home and auto insurance coverage options and its fast claims processing times. In addition, its track record of serving numerous high-profile businesses makes it a solid choice if you’re in need of commercial insurance.

That said, Chubb’s personal insurance policies may not be well suited for low and middle-income shoppers and even high-income shoppers should be aware of the company’s below-average customer satisfaction rating for home insurance before purchasing a policy.

Check out the rest of our Chubb insurance review below to find out what types of coverage the company offers and how you can determine whether Chubb might be the right choice for you.

Chubb auto insurance review summary: Chubb car insurance policies come with many unique coverages such as rental car reimbursement with high coverage limits, allowing you to rent a car similar to the one that was damaged, and the removal of your personal information from a totaled vehicle. However, Chubb’s policies may lack medical payments coverage or personal injury protection (PIP), which tend to be standard inclusions for other auto insurance companies.

Chubb home insurance review summary: Chubb homeowners insurance policies place a large emphasis on replacement cost coverage, enabling you to insure your home, belongings and other structures on your property for far more than their actual cash value (ACV). You can also purchase equipment breakdown insurance and valuables insurance from Chubb to secure extra coverage for your appliances and other high-value items.

Chubb Pros and Cons



Low rate of complaints for both home and auto insurance according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Homeowners insurance coverage is limited in California

Outstanding turnaround times for processing claims

Unimpressive customer satisfaction rating for home insurance according to J.D. Power

Extensive commercial coverage options along with high-quality car, homeowners, renters and condo insurance policies

Expensive home and auto policies are not well suited for low and middle-income customers

Sells coverage through more than 50,000 brokers and independent agents plus hundreds of thousands of life and health agents around the world


About Chubb

Chubb got its start as Chubb & Son, a marine insurance company founded by the father-son duo of Thomas and Percy Chubb in 1882. The insurer acquired other companies and expanded its business portfolio over time, eventually becoming the Chubb Corporation in 1967.[1]

Meanwhile, American Casualty Excess (ACE) Insurance Company was formed in 1985 and acquired Cigna’s property and casualty (P&C) insurance business in 1999. In 2016, ACE Limited merged with the Chubb Corporation and adopted Chubb as the united company’s brand name, thus creating the biggest publicly-traded P&C insurance company in the world.[1]

As of 2022, Chubb sells its various insurance products through a global team consisting of 50,000 brokers and independent agents along with hundreds of thousands of captive health and life insurance agents.[2]


Across its various subsidiaries, Chubb operates in some capacity in every state, district and inhabited territory of the United States.[3] The company also has an expansive international presence, operating in 54 countries and territories.[4]

That said, not all of Chubb’s subsidiaries operate in every region and access to some coverage types could vary from location to location. For example, homeowners in California may have a hard time obtaining Chubb home insurance policies since the company scaled back its home insurance business in the Golden State in 2021.[5]


Chubb offers a wide array of coverage options, primarily directed toward businesses and affluent individuals. Some of the major types of coverage you may be able to buy through Chubb include the following:

  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo and co-op
  • Auto
  • Classic car
  • Boat and yacht
  • Commercial
  • Umbrella
  • Travel
  • Valuables
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Accident and health
  • Life
  • Cyber
  • Identity management
  • Equine

Consumer Experience

Line of Business

J.D. Power Score (Out of 1,000)[6]

NAIC Complaint Index[7]

NAIC Share of Complaints in U.S. Market[7]













Customer Service

Personal insurance policyholders can call 1-866-324-8222 to speak directly with a customer service representative from Chubb. Otherwise, customers can visit Chubb’s customer support webpage to find additional online portals, phone numbers, email addresses and frequently asked question (FAQ) lists they can turn to in order to get their questions answered.[8]

Chubb was not rated in J.D. Power’s most recent study of car insurance companies. However, Chubb’s overall customer satisfaction rating for homeowners insurance was a subpar 801 out of 1,000, placing it in the bottom seven among major home insurance carriers.[6]

Despite this, Chubb received a low number of complaints relative to its market share over the course of 2022 according to data published by the NAIC. Between home and auto insurance specifically, Chubb National Insurance Company averaged a little over a quarter of the number of complaints it was expected to receive based on its market share.[7]


The Chubb Mobile app allows users to view identification cards, receive support after a car accident, file insurance claims and more. Although the app has received a relatively low number of Chubb insurance reviews, especially on Google Play, its ratings are decent overall.[9][10]


Number of Reviews

Star Rating

App Store



Google Play



In addition, Chubb offers a usage-based insurance (UBI) program known as SafeLane that can help customers save money on their auto insurance policies. You’ll get a one-time discount of up to 10% when you first sign up for SafeLane, followed by yearly discounts of up to 20% if the drivers in your household exhibit safe driving behaviors.[11]


Insurance rates are highly personalized and can depend on a number of factors such as your location, policy details, claims history and, in many states, credit score, so you will likely need to reach out to Chubb to receive a precise quote for any coverage type the company offers.

You should keep in mind that Chubb’s individual and family insurance policies are designed for high-net-worth clients. As a result, policies from Chubb generally cost more than typical policies from other auto and homeowners insurance companies but may also come with more extensive coverage.


In general, Chubb customers have the option to file claims via online portal, phone, email, mail or fax.[12] The company prides itself on its quick turnaround times, reporting in 2020 that its claims adjusters respond within six hours of a customer filing a claim related to a Masterpiece-branded insurance policy 98% of the time.[13]

Chubb Car Insurance

Chubb offers private passenger car insurance through its Masterpiece auto insurance policies, which can include various unique coverage types designed to protect drivers with valuable vehicles and to ensure those drivers can rent similarly valuable vehicles anytime their cars are being repaired.

What’s Covered

Examples of the coverage types you may be able to add to your Masterpiece car insurance or classic car insurance include the following:[13][14][15]

What Isn’t Covered

Chubb doesn’t advertise medical payments coverage or personal injury protection (PIP) among the coverage types included in its car insurance policies. In fact, a Chubb car insurance policy could explicitly exclude coverage for your own death or injury due to a car accident.[16]

Keep in mind that car insurance exclusions can vary from policy to policy. That said, additional exclusions you could potentially encounter in a Chubb Masterpiece auto insurance policy may include:[16]

  • Liability claims from passengers in your vehicle
  • Floods, storms and landslides
  • Commercial activities such as vehicle-for-hire services

Chubb Home Insurance

Chubb also sells home insurance policies under the Masterpiece name, providing coverage types that can grant a great deal of protection and flexibility to homeowners with high-value houses.

What’s Covered

A Chubb Masterpiece homeowners insurance policy may include coverage types like the following:[17][18]

In addition, Chubb offers equipment breakdown insurance as a separate policy. This coverage type insures your home appliances against sudden perils that aren’t already covered by your homeowners insurance such as short circuits and mechanical failures.

What Isn’t Covered

Homeowners insurance exclusions can also differ from one policy to another but examples of exclusions that may come with a Chubb home insurance policy include the following:[19]

Meanwhile, if you don’t purchase separate valuables coverage, the following sublimits may apply to valuable items covered by your personal property insurance:[17]

  • $1,500 for money
  • $5,000 for securities, deeds, trailers, jewelry, furs, guns and collectible stamps, coins or medals
  • $10,000 for watercrafts and silverware

Additional Policies Chubb Offers

Keep reading for an overview of some of the other major coverage types you may want to consider purchasing from Chubb.

Motorcycle and RV

Chubb does not actually sell motorcycle or recreational vehicle (RV) insurance. However, its Federal Insurance Company subsidiary sells excess liability insurance coverage that can apply to motorcycles and RVs as long as you already have a primary liability policy covering them.[20]


Chubb is a leading commercial insurer, reportedly covering 95% of the companies listed on the Fortune 1000.[21] Examples of the coverage types your business could buy from Chubb include:

  • General liability insurance
  • Business owners policy (BOP) with commercial property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Cyber insurance
  • Commercial umbrella insurance
  • Management liability insurance
  • Commercial crime insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • Fiduciary liability insurance
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage
  • Commercial accident and health insurance
  • Ocean and inland marine insurance
  • Commercial equipment breakdown coverage
  • Pollution liability insurance
  • Product recall coverage
  • Reinsurance


Chubb renters insurance is tailored for wealthy clients who still opt to rent due to a lifestyle that requires them to travel frequently. As a result, Chubb’s renters policies come with more extensive coverage than a typical renters insurance policy including RCV coverage for your belongings and rental car reimbursement coverage that applies anywhere in the world.[22]


Similarly, Chubb’s condo and co-op policies come with more in-depth protection than you might expect from condo insurance through a traditional insurance carrier. For example, Chubb condo insurance policies can provide extended replacement cost coverage for additions and alterations within your home and access to risk consulting services.[23]


Chubb does not directly sell Chubb-branded life insurance policies, instead partnering with other companies to provide life insurance coverage. For example, Chubb underwrites life insurance policies for Nubank, allowing Brazilian customers to enroll in coverage for $2 per month through the Nubank app.[24]

Chubb Discounts

Even though Chubb’s Masterpiece policies are generally designed for customers who already have a high net worth, there are still steps you can take to secure a lower premium on your Chubb auto or homeowners insurance.

For example, Chubb offers a bundling discount to customers who purchase both auto and home insurance from Chubb.[25][26] See below for examples of other discount opportunities that are available to Chubb Masterpiece policyholders.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Along with signing up for SafeLane, you could take the following actions to get a car insurance discount through Chubb:[25]

Home Insurance Discounts

Chubb offers premium credits to homeowners who purchase valuables insurance or buy a new home. In addition, homeowners, condo owners and renters can get discounted rates through various actions like living in a gated community, going an extended period of time without filing any claims and installing safety features like fire alarms, sprinklers and home security systems, among other things.[26]

Meanwhile, taking steps like these can help you qualify for Chubb’s Superior Protection Credits to lower your premium even further:[26]

  • Installing security cameras or motion detection systems to cover the entire perimeter of your house or hiring guards to patrol your property
  • Hiring a full-time caretaker who permanently resides on your property
  • Installing a temperature monitoring system or generator
  • Limiting access to your property by installing a perimeter gate
  • Adding an automatic shut-off valve to your gas lines
  • Incorporating additional systems for lightning protection, water leak detection or wildfire suppression


Who is Chubb best suited for?

Chubb insurance is best suited for high-net-worth individuals who prioritize a quick response after filing claims and business owners who need a reliable insurer with a track record for meeting the needs of high-profile companies.

How can I contact Chubb?

Chubb recommends getting immediate service by contacting your agent or calling 1-800-682-4822 if you don’t know how to get in touch with your agent. Otherwise, you can fill out a form on the Chubb website to send your queries to the company.[27]

How do I buy Chubb home and car insurance?

Chubb primarily sells coverage through independent agents, although you can still go to the Chubb website to get in contact with an agent who can provide you with home or car insurance quotes.[28]

Are there penalties if I cancel a Chubb policy?

Chubb’s materials explaining policy cancellations generally don’t mention cancellation fees.[16] That said, you may want to contact your agent to make sure you understand the specifics of your policy.

Where does Chubb provide coverage?

Chubb provides coverage throughout all of the United States and in many regions across the world.[3][4] However, access to certain coverage types may be restricted depending on your location.

How Does Chubb Compare to Other Car Insurance Companies?

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